I Hate Myself For Loving This

ebay item 8305987417
Why? I can hear you asking. It's an adorable dress, right? Well, yes, yes, it is. Absolutely adorable.

However: it's rayon. It's $158. It's at one of those pretentious online boutiques that only carries clothes up to a (small) size 10. (Click on the image if you want to go there, but don't say I didn't warn you. )

It's a great dress, though. Check out the little tucks that take up the fullness at the bust, especially. There's a melon.jpgnk colorway, too, although not a blue one, which I would have thought would be a no-brainer. A silver-gray and charcoal one, too, would have been quite elegant.

vogue 9668 I don't wear spaghetti straps and I'm wondering if this colorblocking would work as well with the pattern at right (Vogue 9668). In a lightweight cotton, right? With the center-front seam skirt replaced by a circle skirt, of course … and after changing the single underbust dart to a soft gather. This pattern is lined, but I've always made it unlined, and finished the sleeves and the neck with bias tape or a facing, depending on the fabric weight.

I'll add it to the running list of Future Dresses that lives in my head …

0 thoughts on “I Hate Myself For Loving This

  1. You have an extra letter at the end of the URL on the click-through, so it doesn’t work.It IS a great dress.But it comes in XS, S, and M! What the fuck is UP with that shit??????I like your idea for making up the black dress like it though. (That IS the drawing of your black dress, yes?)–NK


  2. Fixed! This isn’t my black dress, but it’s similar. I’ve made it a couple times but it’s never been quite right, sadly. I don’t understand why this dress doesn’t come in a larger size. It should scale up easily! It’s just evil that they don’t make it bigger.


  3. *A circle skirt in lightweight cotton might be too much bulk ? This photo looks like her skirt might be on the bias.I love the vouge pattern, thanks !And I am enjoying your blog very much.*


  4. I would very much like to see some of the dresses you have made — I guess I have tuned in late, but do you think you might show us some?


  5. I think the dress would look great in a different fabric in a larger size, but rayon is not a forgiving fabric. I’m a twelve in the hips, and staring at this dress is making me cringe and think of it clinging to the bottom curve of my torso and making me look like I drink nothing but beer.In a lightweight cotton (and with the sleeves, I’m with you on the whole spaghetti strap thing) that dress would be gorgeous.Also, I think that this site would make you very, very happy. Customization!


  6. i think the dress would look great in green. but a tip for you, dont forget to put the skirt front on fold. the line in frontwont look as nice. 🙂


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