Holds Scarf for Added Interest!

ebay item 6190914692
I just bought this on Ebay, while ostensibly doing research for today's post. Ahem. It's not the world's greatest picture, but what a cool dress! I'm thinking of doing pin-on buttons so that I could change them at will.

I probably wouldn't wear it with the scarf. It's just so perfectly 2001: A Space Odyssey without it. The temptation to make this in white double-knit is strong. However, I'm thinking — blue or black denim! With red topstitching! And a bandanna scarf! It would also be cute in bright green twill. Right? Right.

Can't wait to see how this is put together. I haven't made one like this (with no waist seam) in a while; we'll see how it goes.

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