Comes with free tinfoil hat!

antiradiation dress

This dress will, according to the ebay listing:

Protect pregnant women from miscarriage and potential birth defects caused by electromagnetic radiation
Protect people working in a high electromagnetic radiation environment from potential physical and mental diseases
Filter 99.99% – The highest reduction rate available
Filter within 1MHz ~ 1GHz – The widest frequency spectrum available

I hate that people are selling this nonsense and preying on hormonally unbalanced people. (At five months along I woke up in the middle of the night and nearly talked my husband into taking me to the emergency room RIGHT THEN to get a lead exposure blood test. It can get crazy. I know.) I mean, sure, don't let your fetus talk on the cell and keep yourself away from kryptonite, but really, this is a bit nuts.

antiradiation dress2

Look! ACTUAL TIN FOIL! And you thought it was just the Power of Plaid that protected the Unborn!

The free tinfoil hat is a secret special offer. You need to use the special code "RUKIDDING" to get it. Don't forget!

(By the way, this is the kind of thing you get when you search for "computer dress". And I was really hoping for either 1) a dress for a computer or 2) a dress made with a computer print. And this is what I get. Sigh.)

0 thoughts on “Comes with free tinfoil hat!

  1. Know what would be cool (at least to look at)? A dress made all of the tapes and wires and things that are inside a computer…with, like, microchips for buttons or something.


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