Sharp Intake of Breath

Ceil Chapman Dress

Did you go "ohhhhhh!" when you saw this? If not, are you awake? Go get another cup of coffee. I'll wait.

This very nicely sized (B38/W29) dress is $350 at (click on the picture to check out the site, and many other wonderful pictures of this dress). This is by Ceil Chapman, who was supposedly Marilyn Monroe's favorite designer — can you see why? has quite a few other dresses that are well worth your time — like this brown one (which I am so copying!) and this cherry-print one (I would commit at least a misdemeanor for four yards of that fabric!) and this magenta one. (I think one of the Problems of the World Today is this: not enough magenta. Heck, I don't even remember seeing magenta crayons lately.)

And in housekeeping news, I figured out the archives were broken, AND I fixed them. (No half-measures here, we're a full-service blog here at A Dress A Day.) Also, I've added a couple more links to that little list over on the right. If you have any more you'd like me to add, just drop me a line …

In addition, I'm looking for a good piece of royalty-free clip art to start making A Dress A Day swag … suggestions appreciated! (Does *not* have to be free, just royalty-free. And, of course, dress-related.)

0 thoughts on “Sharp Intake of Breath

  1. I’m with you on copying that brown one. Only for me, maybe red, black, and white…or black, gray, and white for a fancy evening thing.–Lydia


  2. I think the link to the magenta dress goes back to your featured Ceil Chapman floral dress (more housekeeping in order?). I, too, wish to see more magenta in the world…not quite pink, not quite purple.The brown dress is absolutely stunning, but…23″ waist?! Who can wear these dresses?! (No offense to anyone with a 23″ waist. It’s my own hip-related insecurity talking, here.)


  3. Magenta fixed!The 23″ waist boggles, a bit, but remember that this was supposed to be worn with industrial-strength underwear — at least a serious girdle.


  4. Here are the results of a search of “dresses” of royalty free images of the CSA Collection on CSA is the design firm that created the identity for Fossil.


  5. You are right, that dress did cause a sharp intake of breath.There needs to be a dress-making advice column. I saw dupioni silk for 50% off at the fabric store today, but I stopped myself from buying any. Everything I thought of to make with it was too fancy for my usual out and about places. I find myself having non-buyers remorse.


  6. now this is a total yes my sis buys things like that and guess what????she has fashion…..i think its gorgous don’t you????


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