Next in the queue

Advance 8556
I think I have to make this next. You know, when I have any of that mythical "sewing time" I keep talking about. I bought it on Ebay, and, well, just look at it! The little sleeves (I think I'm getting tired of kimono sleeves), the high round jewel neck with the deep vee, the pegged narrow skirt … although, you know, there's a better than even chance I'll slap a circle skirt on it. Just because.

I'm thinking a crisp brown linen, perhaps. There's always bright pink cotton pique, of course. Gray gabardine? Red shantung? What I really want would be a heavy Liberty twill, but I'm fresh out.

I probably will make the version on the left, but here's a close-up of the right-hand view, with the bow:

Advance 8556

The bow, it's growing on me. What if it were in a contrast fabric? Hmmm ….

Click on the top image to see the pattern envelope in Enlargo-Vision.

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