Yeah, I don't know either

vogue 7707
I'm not sure why this dress is calling to me. I bought the pattern on a whim at an estate sale a few weeks ago, and it's been floating in the back of my head ever since. I'm not really a plunging-neckline kind of gal, and this skirt makes even these ectomorphic illustration women look like toilet-paper cozies, so I find its constant presence in my head disturbing and a bit irritating.

It might be time for a switch, though, and that would explain why this dress is pinging me. You know how you know, one day, just from something undefinable in the air, that summer is over? And how it's different every year, and not very closely tied to the calendar? That's how it is with styles, too. All of a sudden the very dress you loved, that you couldn't wear often enough, that was somehow the perfect shape and line — looks wrong. Its summer is over.

So. The short version, in gray challis with red banding. Or cream challis banded with chocolate brown. With the neckline, um, adjusted a bit upwards (to obviate the need for double-sided tape) and perhaps the skirt narrowed. Whaddaya think?

Also, Blogger tells me this is the 100th Dress a Day post! Thanks for reading!

0 thoughts on “Yeah, I don't know either

  1. I think it’s the alien proportions of the illustration that’s throwing you: it looks like the hem is well above the knee, which is pretty short for something that puffy. It could wind up looking very Lacroix, circa 1986.But I don’t think you should alter the neckline. Fill it in instead, so you still have the deep vee in the front. It makes the dress.


  2. The full skirt makes the bottom look the ‘model’ is a wide load. She’s narrow through the top, huge through the bottom. That proportion bothers me, but maybe because I’ve become so accustomed to seeing lower waisted silhouettes topped by more balanced-looking. . . well, tops. Maybe a complete sihouette overhaul would be the thing.


  3. If you made up the red version and added a red horizontal modesty panel (banded in white) you could be Little Orphan Annie!Step away from the badclothes, I beg you.


  4. I think that if the dress were made in a very soft fabric — so that the skirt drapes instead of puffs — you’d have a nice goddess look. I don’t think you need to fill in the V if it’s not too wide, thereby only exposing breastbone. Or you could make it a surplice top instead.


  5. Speaking of odd proportions, is the third figure in white supposed to be a little girl? Because instead she looks like a shrunken woman. Her head is so small. Maybe she is just very far away… in front…I like the dress, though.


  6. *Love your blog.And the neckline is great. I’d make it more closed too, but I like the pattern idea of the two decending bands.dhyana*


  7. I love this dress and am struggling to find the pattern anywhere!! If you still have it, is there any chance u are willing to sell it ??? Desperate!!!


  8. So funny to read the earlier comments….you were definitely ahead of your time….this pattern is in high demand today….In fact, I’d like to “rent” it from you just for the directions and pattern layout, I’m pretty good at drafting patterns on my own and this is on my project list.


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