It's Your Day

millennium dress

I wanted to post a wedding dress today, but I just couldn't find one that sang to me. And then (since if you can't praise beauty you can always resort to mockery) I wanted to find one that was risible, but I couldn't find one that rose to the height of risibility that I was looking for. This is the problem with wedding dresses, in my opinion — they serve no purpose other than to make one person (POSSIBLY two, but usually just one) happy on one day, and for that reason they are not really subject to criticism in the same way as ordinary dresses are.

If wedding dresses are just, at their ideal, crystalline distillations of personality … I want to meet the woman who chooses this one. For some reason, even though this wouldn't be MY choice, I think I'd really like her.

Click on the image to go to the web page offering this dress. If you buy it, drop me an email! We'll have coffee.

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