Now and Later

dvf dress
This dress is on sale at Bloomie's (okay, on sale at Bloomingdale's is still $200, but …) so click on the link if you are interested. It's silk-cotton jersey, so it will hang like a dream, and, although I'm usually not a fan of the uneven hem, here it really works.

This is a good now-and-later dress — you can wear it now with sandals and bare skin, and it should also work in cooler weather, too. I'd wear it with a gunmetal-gray silk undershirt (3/4 sleeves of course), tights, and boots. (These boots, by preference. And if you are the person that sold them to me on eBay would you please mail them NOW? kthxbye!) That would look very cyberpunk, to me. With a silver leather cuff watch and silver beads.

There's a similar (and much cheaper — $50) v-neck dress at Bloomingdales. Click here for that one, which is washable wool and also available in red and petite sizes. I'd wear the red one with a white Peter Pan collar blouse, tights, and lace-up high-heel oxford pumps.

0 thoughts on “Now and Later

  1. I love thinking of these dresses as jumpers for the fall/winter. And I like the cheaper even better, (snapped one up, in fact). Who can resist the infinitely versatile? Thanks for the tip!


  2. But I feel like the fabric would be too thin/clingy to layer. No? I’ve had a couple of things I though I could wear over tights, but they just stuck to them weirdly.


  3. Jesse, try getting an anti-static slip (a slip! in the 21st Century! I know, I know –) They work and they provide an extra layer of warmth in the winter).


  4. Yeah, I suppose. Instead I just wear winter things in the winter, instead of trying to push it. I’m not much for layering, anyway.


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