This is what I know.

Penney's Dress

This is what I know about this dress:

  • It's $49.99 (click on the pic to visit the web page)
  • It's at JC Penney's.
  • It's matte jersey (no fabric content given, so I am assuming it's poly).
  • It's a basic dress that will look really pretty good on: nice sleeves, great neck detail, and the banding really defines your waist.

    I don't know:

  • Where the heck to find an actual JC Penney's store, since I haven't been in one since I was about fifteen;
  • If this is that horrible matte jersey that sticks and snags, or the really nice kind that flows and isn't too hot;
  • Where the top of the model's head went. I'm assuming there is visible gray matter under a glass dome, pulsing, pulsing, or they wouldn't have cropped the picture like that.

    Come to think of it, if this is an evil-scientist dress, it would look GREAT under a lab coat.

  • 0 thoughts on “This is what I know.

    1. *Love your blog.And it’s sunday !We have JCPenney out here in so. cal but the internet is more fun – no gasoline needed !*


    2. Fellow Chicagoan here and this is one of those tasks that requires taking a car to -gasp- the suburbs. Seriously, there’s a Penney’s at Woodfield (Schaumburg), Yorktown and Orland Park I think. Just not at the good suburb malls like Oak Brook. 🙂


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