Making excuses.

temperley dress

You know how some women KNOW they are in relationships with sucky men, but they keep making the lamest excuses? Like, "I know he never calls when he says he will, and he can't seem to remember that I'm deathly allergic to shellfish, and he insulted my mother at my father's funeral, but … but … he likes puppies! He can't be a monster." That's a little bit how I feel about this dress from Temperley London.

I mean, I know those sleeves are hideous, and it's got sequins AND metallic I-wanna-be-Napoleon embroidery on a dress clearly intended for daytime wear, and it's freakin' $1835 (!) at Saks (click on the picture if you don't believe me) for RAYON/ACETATE but … it's not really showing to its best advantage on a model this thin, and … it's got pockets! And … this silhouette (with shorter, narrower sleeves) is the one that's on my mind for fall. Vee-neck, midriff band, fullish skirt …

Okay, okay. I know this dress isn't perfect. But it's trying! It *wants* to be a better dress. It just needs a good woman to believe in it.

0 thoughts on “Making excuses.

  1. But at least it goes up to a size 8, right? Which is good, because that’s as large as anyone needs at Saks, right? Yeesh. It’s annoying, even though the 8 probably would fit me.It’s a good thing it costs way too much, though, because I love nearly everything about it – I’m all about the cut, and the sequins, and the embroidery (I love shiny things). If the skirt were longer, I’d be in trouble … except, rayon velvet? Not so much. I think there’s a similar pattern somewhere in my stash; must … check … stash ….


  2. Mmmm, no. This is way too close to a fashion we’d be trashing if worn at some awards show by a celebrity, and rightly so. Sorry, justifiers. It’s just…not right.


  3. I love it! I wouldn’t wear it to any of the numerous awards shows I’m invited to each year, but I do believe in it. It would be hot with big black flat boots. –Rio


  4. No, no, no. It’s not that it doesn’t have lovely elements right with it, but there’s just too much wrong with it. I’m willing to believe that it only looks saggy-baggy sad-sack because the model is too thin, but still: it’s unflattering, even on her. The lines of embroidery and sequins give her granny boobs and huge bulgy hips. And there’s something weird about the way the line of trim on the sleeves continues the line of the midriff band. It enlarges the model, and the model is emaciated. Just imagine it on a normal-weight woman.Nope. This dress is the equivalent of a guy who sets up a meth lab in your basement.


  5. i have this dress and am a size 10. i can’t believe how horrible it looks on the model, because it looks absolutely fantastic on me – and this is probably the only dress i would say that about – i am certainly no model. i get non-stop compliments when i wear it too, but this dress is certainly not for a stick thin waif.


  6. Why is it clothes these days still dont include the fuller women i mean not everyone is a size 6 the average women is a 14 designers would earn bucket loads aiming at a fuller women instead of making them feel bad. for example i went into topshop at the weekend and all they had in any decent clothes was a size 10!!!


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