Always Room for One More

Vogue 7820

(Especially when they're this small — sorry for the teen-einsy picture!). No, really, as if I didn't already have enough patterns to clothe every B36 woman in the lower 48, without repeats, I'm looking at this one — Vogue 7820.

However, I have my doubts. Recent painful experience has enlightened me that a blousy top and a narrow waist combined with a full skirt makes me look like a particularly bizarrely decorated fireplug. At least in pictures. Sigh.

So I'm thinking that despite all the things I like about it (kimono sleeves [for ease of making], defined midriff, fuller skirt, surplice bodice with small darts) that I should probably pass this one by. Besides, I'd have to change the back zip to a side zip, which is always a pain in the ass. The time would probably be better spent running up a half-dozen fall skirts, considering the stock I've laid in of charcoal corduroy, moss flannel, and orange twill! Mmmm … pumpkin orange twill.

But — isn't it nice? Wouldn't it be gorgeous in a dark mulberry, with the neckline edged in black tatting, and a slightly shorter skirt? Worn with tights and boots? Maybe I could sew it one size down in something with a little stretch. Talk me into it, folks. C'mon. I know you can. Lydia, when's the next Vogue patterns sale at Hancock?

0 thoughts on “Always Room for One More

  1. I made this one about a month ago… almost. Opted for the version you show above. It needs some alterations to fit me better (underarm gussets, additional ease in the bust, shorter hem) but I do like the general idea of it, on my body anyhow. And it was surprisingly quick to work up. So basically, I’m trying to talk you into it. 😉


  2. In a stretch, definitely. That would snug up the bodice nicely.In fact, wouldn’t it look a bit like the Boden ‘Chic’ dress if you did it in a jersey knit?


  3. Hmm! It might! The Boden dress doesn’t have a midriff band, iirc. I have some pink knit camo print. That would be hilarious. But I swore I’d stop sewing comedy dresses …


  4. Sorry I didn’t get read your comment about sales at Hancock’s…Vogues are on sale through TODAY (Friday!) For $3.99. Go, go go!!!–Lydia


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