Put to Better Use

Milly Rose Print

This dress is perfectly fine, really — I love Milly stuff and someday will find something from that line 1) in my size, 2) at Loehmann's and 3) not stained with the makeup of the careless person who tried it on before me. But the fabric is insanely great, and I just feel it could have been put to much better use than this perfectly serviceable and somewhat boring slipdress.

If *I* had oh, four or five yards of this, I would make a wiggle dress with a coat matching the yellow of the roses in the pattern, lined with the same fabric. And, as long as I'm indulging my dress megalomania (and my inner Doris Day), matching yellow shoes. And bag.

What would you make with this fabric?

0 thoughts on “Put to Better Use

  1. I’d make a polonaise-style bustle draped over a darker skirt — either black or a green matching the leaves. On me, I’d need a solid to dilute the effect of the big pattern.


  2. The black tights are to hide the gangrene, obviously. I didn’t notice how skeletal this model was until sdn pointed it out! I was too focused on the fabric.


  3. I’d make a dress four sizes bigger and make that model eat something! Honestly! That’s the first thing I noticed, too. And not only is this sheath-thing an underuse of the great fabric, the teeny bust for the teeny model gaps on the right side! Just not right.


  4. A full skirt to go with a tight black long sleeved turtleneck sweater. Mmmmm. And black tights. And MAYBE, this is a maybe people, a dramatic off-white flowing scarf.


  5. A nice full skirt. Because unlike the model I eat, and today I tried on a dress very similar to this and it gave me the dreaded gut.I think the skirt would be adorable with a black weater over a turquoise oxford shirt and I bought a great pair of sude-touch tights in that exact turquoise today. It screams geek-chic to me. And probably to me alone.


  6. i havent got a problem with the models body image shes lean and not anorexic the black tights are wrong its sort of a summer style dress


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