For a better seamstress …

ebay item 6218265211

Okay, this is up on Ebay for the next four days or so, so get on the stick, people. I mean, look at this dress!

I love the collar, that soft roll. I love the pockets, and the sleeves, and the curved seam over the bust and below the waist. It's just a stunner, and still (esp. the narrow-skirted version) very wearable.

I may not bid, though, if I can summon up some self-control, because I know the points on that curved seam above the bust will break me, send me to my knees, and make the air in my sewing den blue with the impotent curses of someone wielding a seam ripper. I've tried that particular seam, and not ever had any real success with it. At best, I've done brute-force topstitching, and, at worst, ripped through two bodice pieces, which then needed to be re-cut. And in neither case (or in any of the intermediate cases) did I end up with something I felt compelled to wear to rags.

If you can bang out those points all day long, more power to you! Go bid this dress up quickly so I'm not tempted to. I'd really appreciate it …

0 thoughts on “For a better seamstress …

  1. Um, how do you get into that thing? With your ten-inch waist, incidentally? I mean, I love it and all, but I can’t figure out the access issue.


  2. ah… points can be conquered too. practice on scraps, sew up to the point, THEN clip, and turn and sew down the point. up, clip, down. It does’t frustrate so much when you’re on scraps and then you’ll master the technique. If I can do it so can you.


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