Garnet Hill Deco Dress

Garnet Hill Deco Dress

I love the Garnet Hill catalog, page after page of calm, well-rested women in bright sunny rooms, all of them either on their way to or from yoga class or their creative jobs doing creative things (also in bright sunny rooms). There are never any messy, inconvenient MEN in GarnetHillLand, and the children are kept segregated in their cheery, brightly-colored creche, raised by the unsleeping and sympathetic robots. Ah, a preview of the future! Sigh. So what if from time to time their shoes look a little HR Giger for my taste? And if perhaps there is a little too much attention to applique?

This dress is only $158, which is cheap for Garnet Hill. I *love* the fabric, and the little sleeves, and the vee neck; I wish it were a little shorter — it would be really cute if it hit just below the knee, but this style might be difficult to alter. Maybe if you took off the ruffle and shortened the skirt and then reattached it … which I would never, ever get around to doing (I have pants older than my son that I have yet to hem) which is why I'm never buying this dress. But don't let that stop YOU …

0 thoughts on “Garnet Hill Deco Dress

  1. yeah, i feel the same way about garnet hill — i’ve bought stuff from there, both clothes and sheets — and it is like the stepford catalog!


  2. Shortening that dress would be almost as much “Bring the paaaain!” as those bodice points you found a few days ago.Let us not speak of our unmade stashes, or of the floopy pink-rose chiffon skirt that was meant for summer and is still unwaistbanded.


  3. sometimes i alter stuff for people at work, and that is exactly the kind of dress someone who has never sewn before would bring in and go, “it’s really simple…i just need a few inches off the hem…” and then i would have to go home and cry and throw things. but i would have to try to do it, because i am stubborn yet too shy to say i want to marry garnet hill. A few years ago i splurged and bought myself these amazing flannel rocketship=printed sheets from there, and they still make me happier than any other posession i own, except for maybe the fluffy down comfortor i got to go on top of them. I love those sheets. I think other people love them too, because i have seen them in the Royal Tenebaums and The Hours. They’re actually almost a plot point in The Hours. But maybe i only noticed that because i am shamelessly obsessed with how awesome they are.


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