Vogue 6642

Isn't this gorgeous? Doesn't it make you want to wear flowers on a rubber band at your wrist and drink punch? Don't you wish you were in a gymnasium decorated in "Early Crepe Paper", listening to um, "Open Arms," by Journey? (My name is Erin, and I went to high school in the 1980s.)

Geez, I'd better stop before I turn into the Annie Potts character from Pretty in Pink. (I'm so conflicted about that movie: one the one hand, SEWING MONTAGE SCENE! On the other, worst.dress.ever. Also, I don't care what anyone says, Duckie had it all over what's-his-face.)

It's a teeny size but so adorable, and it's super-cheap for a pattern this great — $16! (from seller FullGarage on Ebay, click on the picture to check it out.) I LOVE the bodice, if I weren't so damn lazy about grading patterns I would buy it and put it on a pencil skirt as a cocktail dress.

Look at the gathers at the back of the skirt … so pretty, and so swishy when you walk. In the good way. Make this in taffeta for maximum swish! Or crepe-back satin, with the dull side out for that front bodice drape …

0 thoughts on “Promalicious!

  1. Erin, I send you and your readers to, and you particularly to the below:, it doesn’t have to do with this dress, but it’s a beautiful 1950’s princess coatdress with a sailor collar. They have some jaw-droppingly beautiful dresses, and I wanted you to see them, if you have not already. Especially since they can be ordered in different sizes. There are also several items with the infamous Peter Pan collar.They are freakin’ fabulous – and a nice resource for those of us who’d like something now, while we work on the Great Project(s).


  2. I have yet to hear a single voice raised in support of whats-his-name. Duckie lovers of the world, unite! And yes, her re-done dress was wretched, wretched, wretched.–Lydia


  3. I heart the Duckman. If only I had a man as devoted to me in high school. *sigh*And although I made my own prom dress, it was not a bastard child of two other dresses. Amen.


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