30s plaid day dress

Check out this incredible 1930s abstract-plaid dress at Now, that's what I call plaid. None of your sissy "Black Watch" or "Campbell," nosirree. This is a plaid that is expending all its considerable energy giving a big "oh yeah?" to the Depression.

It's only $68, and it's a "generous medium" according to the proprietor: "The bust measures 38" the waist 31" and the hips 40". The length of the skirt is just over 27" and the back bodice measures 16" from neck to waist." Tangerine Boutique goes on to say "It would work very well on a tall frame." To which I say, "Well, yeah! It's from the 1930s! They euthanized short people then."

It's got (you can't really see it in the picture) a cute little sailor tie around the neck, too. And, of course, pockets. Go get it before the bank comes to take the farm.

0 thoughts on “Plaid!

  1. what tori said…and I usually like 1930s plaid. But there’s something about the muddy abstract aspect of this print that makes me want to gag.


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