1950s teal silk dress

Another wonderful dress from Madelene (thanks!) who helpfully points out it has no pockets. Sigh. However, the skirt is full enough that you could reverse-engineer some in, if you were so inclined.

From Robin Clayton Vintage, it's only $70, and is B36. There's a ton of other stuff on that site — great stuff! — and I had a hard time making up my mind which dress to post from there and will probably be returning to that well.

I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed with teal lately. I know it's the color of the season and all, but I'm not usually so in tune with our Pantone Overlords. All I know is that lately anything teal (sweaters, scarves, tights, ducks) catches my eye and holds on to it, hard. Which is probably why I have roughly ten (possibly fifteen) yards of teal fabric in varying weights and prints waiting to be sewn up. It's akin to the great Candy-Pink Reign of Terror I experienced in 2003 …

Now I just need to find teal eyeglasses, and I'll be all set to be the teal equivalent of the crazy purple-wearing lady. [warning, link to FARK, not safe for work, keyboards, or faith in mankind.]

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