Wow. Whoa. Whoo-Boy.

brown and gold gown
I know some of y'all are going to *hate* this dress, but you can leave me comments to that effect, you know how to hit the little button by now. I only wish I had the $250 this is going for (at Another Time Vintage Apparel), a twenty-eight-inch waist to fit into it, and a place to wear it. How I love watercolory oversize florals in odd colorways! And wouldn't this look amazing with a choker of oversize amber beads? With bronze shoes and bag, or deep mustard satin …

I have a piece of very similar fabric, but in deep wine red, that I am hoarding for the day I am asked to attend something for which I would I need a Very Important Dress. For really, if an event is not worth making a new dress for, is it even worth going at all?

Speaking of which, last night I dreamt about a party (a very fancy cocktail-y party) where you came with the fabric and pattern for your dress and spent the whole party chatting with people while you all sewed together, and then you put it on to leave. I have no idea what that means, but it was a very pleasant dream!

0 thoughts on “Wow. Whoa. Whoo-Boy.

  1. This post examplifies why visiting your blog is so inspiring to me…you are an original! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.I am always drawn to oversize watercolor prints…as my body morphs into that blocky-perimenopausal-“woman of a certain age”-yikes,is that my mother?-figure, I have to try to control myself in the thrift stores. Or risk looking like a 1980s couch.How sad. But I’ll think about your dream to cheer myself up!


  2. Oh, it’s lovely! I’ve always been scared of those stand-away bodices, though. They look really hard to do right.–Lydia


  3. Oh, wow. If only I could get into it, I would wear the hell outta that dress. In fact, if it weren’t $250, I might have to staple my hands to my desk so that I couldn’t buy it anyway. It’s a beauty, and I’ve got some good shoes for it already.I have two of what I call “Hawaiian hostess dresses,” in a similar flavor but far less formal–strappy top, ankle-length skirt, large wood-blocky floral, both in very heavy cotton, one with substantial boning–and I love them. Even though I can’t get into those, either, at the moment.Your blog is a great motivator for going to the gym.And your dream–totally! When shall we do it? I’m there!


  4. I have a piece of very similar fabric, but in deep wine redSee, that’s the part that interests *me*. Because I want that fabric in deep wine red, so I can make a circle skirt from it.


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