Oh, good lord.

corduroy dress

Because it's Thanksgiving and all, I was idly googling for "pilgrim collar" (as you do) and I ran across this turkey. Oh, my lord.

Now, as I read in Allure yesterday, the most threatening woman (to other women, when expressing interest in their partners, is this what science has come to? Really.) is one that has a high shoulders-to-hips ratio and a low waist-to-hip ratio, but this is not the way to achieve it. Not in corduroy, of all things. Maybe, maybe this dress would work in black satin, but in stripey corduroy? It just looks really, really odd.

Anyway, if you think this dress is exactly what you need to make your Thanksgiving complete (and you have to admit it probably wouldn't show gravy stains!), it's at Cosmic Cat Vintage Fun, and it's B36/W27; only $45!

0 thoughts on “Oh, good lord.

  1. I have to admit to being fabric challenged but I dont think even I would have made this dress with that fabric. This is a fun blog, thanks! I got to it from Manolos shoe blog.


  2. I kind of like the idea of a corduroy dress, I think it would be nice and toasty in the colder months and I’d be able to run the heat less. I even like the print of the fabric and the colors.I also like the neckline and how the collar lays across the back.What bugs me is the way the collar lays across the shoulders from the front view. It makes them look .. weirdly puffy, and in fact I at first thought they were badly done, faux puffy sleeves.If I were making something like that (since I don’t fit into that one and couldn’t buy it even if I did) and wanted to preserve the pilgrim collar, I’d use a complementary print or solid color so you can tell it’s a collar and not a weird puff sleeve.If preserving the collar wasn’t so important, I’d try to find a way to narrow the collar along the front and sides, getting rid of the shoulder/arm overhang. Or find a different collar that would work in corduroy or some contrasting fabric. Or I’d just get rid of the collar completely.


  3. So the most threatening woman (to other women) looks like a man? That’s…unbalanced.And, sadly, what my body tends to when I’m fit.Can’t we all just get along?Also, that dress is ugly. But you knew that.


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