Big Damn Dresses, Sir

ebay item 4802203528

I know it's a fuzzy picture but hey, fuzzy or not, it's still a big damn dress from Firefly, and it's being auctioned now on eBay. You can also get some leftover fabric from it, and a few other dresses and outfits, but not, sadly, Kaylee's frilly dress (scroll down) from the same episode. Which I believe was the also the episode that gave us the immortal monicker "Captain Tightpants." Mmmmm, Mal. Anyway. Where were we? Dresses?

Do you want to know how much devotion Joss Whedon inspires? The costume designer remade HER OWN WEDDING DRESS to create this dress for this episode. I'm hoping she's still married, because if not, it's not as good of a story.

Of course, the only real reason to buy this dress (although it's very pretty) is if you are obsessed with Firefly (which I'm not any longer; the movie gave me closure, dammit). I'm not sure if the proceeds go to charity or not; there was no mention I could find in the listings.

Thanks to Rio for the linky goodness …

0 thoughts on “Big Damn Dresses, Sir

  1. It always makes me sad to realize that the actors don’t get to keep their costumes. Which I always assume they’d WANT to do.BTW, I saw your name on my start page this a.m., right at the top! It LEAPT out at my eyes! Squeee!Herself


  2. Speaking of dresses and Firefly. I love that beyond reason. It’s like the Platonic ideal of woman meets dress — I’m sure we’d look like crap in that. Or just normal.She, on the other hand, radiates magnificence.


  3. The bigger the dress the better thaats all i can say more so when its like i victorian dress reli tight at the top and puffy at the hipps downwards ….


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