Dada Poem Wedding Dress

Dada Dress

In her Dada Poem Wedding Dress, Lesley Dill presents one of her enigmatic paper dresses, stamped with an image of a real biological heart (a votive) amongst black letters (Dada-style, in that the varied size and boldness of the typography suggest sound), which spell out what is only implied in Hawarden's corseted dresses: Dickinson's "The Soul has Bandaged Moments". A dip at the waist gives way to a body (there and not there), with the words "MOMENTS OF ESCAPE." Up and down the sleeves, letters straight and reversed (looking-glass-style) puff out and suck in the heaves and sighs of "THE SOUL HAS BANDAGED MOMENTS." The tight fit of the dress's bodice, coupled by its impossible wedding-dress train, gathers paper whispers of inescapable dirt and tears yet to come. This "aloof beauty" can do nothing more than wait for her dirt to be collected, wait for the rips to mar her perfection. Loose threads tangle their way off the skirt's hem and at the wrists–inviting the shredding, the ruining yet to take place. They catch me in pain with each inconceivable step, with each unforgiving gesture, like tendrils of hair caught on an unfastened hook and eye. Minuteness is all.

from Becoming: The Photographs of Clementina, Viscountess Hawarden

0 thoughts on “Dada Poem Wedding Dress

  1. I have stared at this dress from many angles, for a very long time… at the Orlando Museum of Art. Find it quite powerful. – Randall


  2. talk about CORPSE BRIDE! have you ever seen de movie well dats wat de dress looks like when she come back to life from the DEAD!!!!!


  3. this dress is beautiful. it is brilliant and meaningful. i saw it at the Orlando Museum of Art also and the picture does not do it justice.


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