Somebody has a lot of time to spend in Photoshop

ebay item  6210872127

Or maybe an X-acto knife? I dunno. I prefer auctions that show the pattern envelope, unphotoshopped, especially if they show the back too. But I do know that this dress is ADORABLE, right? Especially the one on the right.

I really like the keyhole-plus-collar combo. I'd love to make this is a crisp pique or even a polished cotton. It would look smashing in one of those tiny-repeat Japanese blue-and-white prints, which I'm sure have a name. (You can tell I'm starting to think about fabric shopping in Tokyo, right? If you have recs please email me!)

Unfortunately, this pattern is only a size 12, which means size 30 bust. Which means it won't fit me without major surgery. If it fits you grab it, it's $12.99, or best offer. I'll probably feature another pattern from this seller tomorrow, so don't snoop in her listings if you want to be surprised. Otherwise, have at it!

0 thoughts on “Somebody has a lot of time to spend in Photoshop

  1. I would so wear the dress with the peplum; I would even wear it to work. However, I’d need a pattern that would actually contain my bosom.Come to think of it, I recently acquired a black wool crepe jacket that looks like the top part of the dress on the left …


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