One of my many personal problems

Is that I really, really, don't like to go on a trip without having made a new dress. (I also don't like to go to a wedding unless I've made a new dress. I feel the opposite of Thoreau — instead of "beware of all enterprises that require new clothes," I feel "if it's not important enough for a new dress, why bother?")

Sadly, because of the pressures of work, I take off for Shanghai and Tokyo tomorrow without a new dress in my suitcase. It's more of a suit trip, anyway, but that doesn't make it any better. And, I know, I know, I should be ecstatic to be going with or without a new dress, but it would be BETTER with a new dress! Because everything is better with a new dress.

If I did miraculously get another day to make a new dress in, I think I'd want to make this one:

ebay item 6242482551

Only in a charcoal springy wool, for maximum packability. And I'd make the pocket welts contrasting, and maybe pipe the midriff of the dress in a contrasting fabric, too. Pale blue? That would be pretty.

Okay, must go prep for trip WITH CLOTHES I ALREADY ACTUALLY HAVE. Dammit.

Oh, and btw, click on the image to buy this pattern. It's cheap (starting bid $2.50) and cute and B36! I'm tempted to buy it myself, but I've sworn no new patterns until I sew that hippie chick dress.

3 thoughts on “One of my many personal problems

  1. Hi, this might seem a little abrupt, but would you ever consider being commissioned to make a dress? My wedding is coming up and I hate wedding dresses. I have a fabric that I like but don’t know any seamstresses in my town (Las Vegas), and I was wanting to consult with someone and send them my measurements and have the dress made– for money, of course. Please let me know your thoughts on this; I’m a regular reader of your blog and would trust your advice and work. –katie.


  2. But how are you going to finish the hippie dress while you’re in China? With all those precious auction days ticking away? <–enabler


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