Who was asking about a balloon skirt?

ebay item 6253184528

Whew. I mean, Fashion Week (oh, I'm sorry, OLYMPUS Fashion Week) was fun, but have you ever gone on vacation and eaten nothing but fancy food, and come home craving steamed vegetables, plain salads, and brown rice? That's how I feel right now.

Not that this is exactly a brown rice dress, but you know what I mean. I am writhing with disappointment that this is nowhere near my size (if you are a B32, click on the picture to go to the eBay listing). It's Suzy Perette! It's got a midriff cummerbund! And it's got a crazy skirt that I would never make, much less wear, but that would give me enormous pleasure each time I looked at the pattern envelope.

Of course, the only problem with looking at this often is that eventually, like toxoplasma, this pattern would change my behavior to further its own survival and I WOULD end up making and wearing it, and going "What? What's so funny?" when people giggled as I went by. (For the full effect, imagine vertical two-inch-wide rainbow stripes!) My only hope is to infect all of you, so that eventually there's a critical mass of us and we end up here.

I was going to ask if anyone had a line on this in a B36, but maybe I shouldn't, now.

0 thoughts on “Who was asking about a balloon skirt?

  1. I once bought a lovely 50’s balloon-skirted dress at a thrift store. I loved it. That is, I loved to look at it. I don’t think that I was ever brave enough to wear it (this was the very early 90’s). That little band around the bottom left too little room for walking, and unfortunately the balloon skirt was just about the right size for my behind. *sigh*


  2. Ending up here, From the NYT article:”Also, the cinched waist marked by a wide belt made a surprise return. One woman wore her husband’s black cummerbund to accent the waistline of her ivory-color coat,..”I’m all for belts and cinched waists, BUT on a outdoor coat it just looks affected-she’s trying way too hard. I do love coat dresses with belts and dresses with belts and bands, I just don’t agree with the garish belt for belts sake, Know what I mean?As far as bubble skirts go -If you can make it go for it!


  3. My mother made me a bubble dress in 1959. I loved it, and think my gorgeousness and pizazz peaked right then. It didn’t have the band at the bottom, but was cut so that the skirt was two times the length from knee to waist. The bottom was gathered onto elastic, then doubled under and the elastic was at the waist, creating the bubble.


  4. I would only try a balloon or bubble skirt as the kind that folds under and up to an elastic waist, not one of the ones with a band at knee height. That seems awful — all the bad parts of a big skirt *and* a narrow skirt!


  5. You know, I always assumed the bubble skirt would be terrible on me, but recently I threw caution to the wind and made myself one – the old-fashioned kind, high-waisted with deep pleats at the front, not the jersey folded-under kind – and I love it. Unfortunately the only picture I have of it is unflattering, but in person, cute! I swear!Mine doesn’t have the band at the bottom, though – it falls straight and makes a sort of a bell shape. I enjoy being able to walk.


  6. Help! Mydaughter wants me to make her a dress with a balloon skirt.She wants the waist line to be fitted. WHat is the ratio between the waist line and the bottom of the skirt(midi length). Could I gather it with the ligning or is there a better method? Thank you!


  7. I cannot believe that a bubble dress printed pattern is not available! My daughter recently purchased a bubble dress in a silky fabric, strapless, high-waist, very short with a ruched bodice. It looks marvelous on her! I would like to make one; Vogue Patterns, are you listening! I found one bubble dress pattern from Marfy, but it has an odd tube-neck like a mock turtleneck, that I have not seen in stores with a bubble skirt.


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