I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

New Look 6515
Yes, I'm still obsessed with the Duro dress. I was temporarily satisfied with the Hippie Chick pattern, but it wasn't quite right. I may fuss with it some more–take up some of the gapping in the neckline and make it in a stretch fabric, too, but I'm still seeking another candidate.

Trolling through the online catalogs of the big pattern companies didn't turn up anything but this (New Look 6515) which I might try to modify into a dress. Really, you can slap a skirt onto any top, without too much trouble. I figure I can just change the neck facings here into a band, and widen the band at the waist until it's as wide as the one on the Hippie Chick dress, or maybe even a touch wider, and then just match it up to the skirt from that dress. I'll probably feel like widening the neck band, too, although doing it without crashing into the shoulder seams and the underbust gathers might be a problem.

I'm thinking about doing it in this fabric, with red or turquoise banding. Or turquoise banding with red piping! We'll see.
paisley fabric

0 thoughts on “I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

  1. There are a couple of reviews of that pattern on PR, but they are both made up as tank tops, and in a single color. Not sure that’ll give you much of a sense of what it’ll look like with your alterations. But sounds like a fine idea!


  2. Hi HiI have made up another 7 DURO dresses in all silks with different colors. As soon as I can get my digital camera to work again. I will sent them to you.I wanted to sell them too as now I am currently out of a job and need to make some money.HK Dress Addict


  3. Hi, Erin,We talked yesterday. . . I ran across your blog while googling the Duro, and here you are writing about it. I spent a while this afternoon looking for any similar pattern, with no luck. My cousin had a similar dress in the ’70’s by Cacharel. The fit was the same, as well as the idea of a mix of patterns ( lightweight cotton instead of silk), but the top had a crossover at the “V” with a few tiny ties on one side of the dress yoke. I wish I had that dress to take apart and make a pattern!! Keep us posted1 schgriff


  4. is that the http://www.folkwear.com.I found the Afghani Nomad Drss that is silimar to the Duro Dress?Is this the one ?Thanks….I was looking for some alternative ways to make the Duro Dress…maybe this is the solution.Do you know where I can buy the HIPPPY CHICK pattern?


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