Forever 21 rayon dress
That's how much this dress from Forever21 will set you back. (If you are actually over 21 yourself, there's no telling how much actually entering a Forever 21 will set you back emotionally — sensory overload much?)

For that price, you're getting a pretty good dress, as far as I can tell without touching it. It's rayon, not polyester. There's contrast trim on the midriff band, surplice neck, and sleeves. It's a nice print, too — I wish it were a bit more colorful, but baby steps, baby steps.

Maybe this week should be cheap dresses week here at A Dress A Day; what do you all think? If you've found something under $50 (at a retail outlet, not eBay) that you want me to feature, let me know …

Actually, lots of folks are sending me links lately, which I really appreciate (even if I don't have time to post them all!). If you send me a picture in an email, please send me the URL where you found it. If you want me to link to an eBay listing, please make sure it has at least a couple days to run (posting completed auctions feels like taunting to me!). Please note that I am unlikely to link to eBay auctions that have huge flashing animations, "buyer rules" longer than the text of the auction, random capitalizations, or that have misspelled words in the auction title. (Call it a point of personal privilege.) It's fine to send me links to your own auctions if you do so INFREQUENTLY, and if you don't use any of the deprecated techniques above.

People who add me to their mailing lists without confirming first (BEFORE subscribing me, not just by allowing me an opt-out) will be forced to wear parachute fabric purple jumpsuits with uncomfortably placed zippers and will be marched through the public square, going 'swish-swish' as they walk.


0 thoughts on “$27.80!

  1. Hmmm…I tried to find a link, but no luck. I was recently on vacay in Michigan, and found a fabulous deal at TJ Maxx. It’s a full circle skirt, in a fine wale corduroy. The one I purchased is black with impressionist style flowers, that get denser toward the hem. The flowers and stems are in deep shades of turquoise, fuschia, lime and gold, with bits of beading accenting some of the pattern. It also came in plum, which I am thinking of having my mom check on when she’s in there again. Anyhow, the skirt started out at $50 there (with a retail of about $80), and was $15 when I got it. They had a lot of them, I think because the sizing was off. For instance I purchased a 2. I have a 26 inch waist, and normally wear a 6.I am wearing said skirt right now, and it makes me feel very sassy!


  2. I got to touch that skirt the other day! 🙂 It IS gorgeous! And it felt so nice. Their dresses run a bit sheerer than I like, and you do have to pay careful note to the construction. I was about to buy one dress but it had a WEIRD oddity in one side of the neckline. If I trusted myself I’d have bought it and fixed it.I may need to send you the picture of the green dress I bought at Forever 21 I mentioned in another comment, because I don’t see them selling it online. Now a model IS wearing it, but with a brown cardigan covering the BEST detailing of it!


  3. My daughter refers to the stuff at Forever 21 as “throw away clothes”. They are cute enough to get you through a party but they just don’t last. And that’s okay because most of their stuff is trendy and trends don’t last, either.


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