Newport News dress
This dress (in poly/rayon, and a weird color, too) is $44 at Newport News.

I find Newport News frustrating. They often have vintagey, retro-styled clothing and even shoes, but done just a teensy bit too cheaply. Like: poly/rayon, or bad fake leather, or really, really bad buttons — and only the last of those is fixable by me.

Now, in black, this dress, even at $44 and even in poly/rayon, would be worth it. In the weird green — well, you really have to love weird greens. And not just as a friend.

I really wish they'd angled the bottom of the shawl collar in to follow the vee of the neckline, but I do like the cap sleeves, the shirred midriff band, and the nice drape and length of the skirt.

Perhaps this is not so much a "Inexpensive Dress Alert" as it is a "Yay or Nay?" voting opportunity …

0 thoughts on “$44.00

  1. If it were in the same stormy grey as the BR dress you bought, yes of course I would be peeing myself in excitement. (sorry).But that sick baby poo green. Nay.How sad.


  2. I’m afraid this dress wouldn’t work for those ample of the bosoms. The angling of the shawl collar that you mentioned would just bulk things up further. But – that could be a good thing for the not so ample of the bosoms.


  3. I love the shape of this dresss, but I’ll second (third?)(fourth?) what everyone has said about the color. Pea soup should be eaten, not worn!


  4. Call me contrary. I think I could pull off the pea-soup green, but I suspect I would look like a mutant with all that draping action around the bust.And I wouldn’t buy it anyway, because, coming from Newport News, the fabric would almost certainly be verrie nastie.


  5. It’s a nay for me, not just the color but it looks a little too bridesmaidsy and not everyday wearable enough for my taste. (And yes I do love to dress up even for just little errands as evidenced by my get up right now)


  6. I think this is a dress for watching, not for wearing. The fabric is a big nay, but I like everything else. I have a dining room set that my grandmother had antiqued in that shade of green, and it once, during a marital spat, stuck a splinter the size of a telephone pole in the haunch of my then-not-yet-ex-wife, which I appreciated even at the time. I still have the table — don’t know where the ex- is. But naturally I have good feelings for that color. Plus I make a mean pea soup and I like that you can spill with impunity, which might work for the dress too. So: qualified yay, but again — for watching. I wouldn’t have to wear it. My wife would look great in it, but she looks good in most things. Also, no splinters so far. A good sign.


  7. “Yay,” but not for me. I mean, I actually like the shape, although I agree that the neck should have finished in a faux-wrap or something like that. But it’s definitely not for the well-endowed; although on a reflection I believe that a good portion of the clothes in Newport News are created primarily for the purpose of bulking up the bosoms.Alot of women with more intense skin tones look fabulous in this odd color. I personally look “beyond embalmed” in it. So thumbs up for ethnic beauties; thumbs down for pasty folks of [sunless] British descent. But wouldn’t this be beautiful in white/off white for summer?…(P.S. “Really should be writing,” you’re a hoot. Let me know when you publish next so that I can buy it!)


  8. Have to say it, as a small busted gal it would boost me a little, plus I am a lover of wierd greens, and poly is great for work cuz then i don’t have to dryclean. accessories would definitely be an issue though. and i’d rather the midriff shirring not be there, or be narrower and end in a high waisted style instead of right at the waist. I have ordered Newport News, but always had to send it back cause of the shoddy workmanship.


  9. I could live with the green, and even like it as a change from my usual black and navy. Also, I have a complexion that would actually work with this shade, fair yellow-based skin that wakes up with the right coral blush. But my DDs would be way too much for that neckline.


  10. Aahhh, Newport News. I always hopefully look through whatever new catalog they send me, and then start muttering Why don’t you offer this in black?! Whyyyy?! It would be great in black! I don’t know anyone who wears that color of green (or coral, or teal, or whatever other odd color they’re trying to push as The Color Of The Season).


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