Sometimes it's just the hat.

ebay item 6169133687
Okay, you can't tell me that the illustrator of this dress didn't have a side bet with her officemate as to whether or not she'd get this hat (on the left) past management. Looks like she won.

And check out the woman NOT wearing the space alien hat. She is obviously (judging from her silver hair and fierce expression) the leader of the invasion team. Furious that they have landed on a planet where their outward appearance subjects them to second-class treatment, obscene propositions, and hats such as this, she has decided to override the suggestions of her superiors and schedule this planet for immediate invasion. (C'mon! It would explain SO MUCH!)

Anyway, I really like the waistline of this dress, and the little jacket. And the of-course-aliens-invaded explanation of why things have been so crazy lately. The pattern is $8.80 (I'm sure the numerologists among you will let me know of the significance of this number) on eBay. Click on the image to buy.

(I have been trolling pattern listings this weekend–not for the Duro dress, surprisingly, but for a pattern I can see absolutely clearly in my head and which seems not to exist. I want one of those suits where the jacket has raglan sleeves and a pronounced swing in the back, like a trapeze coat, only hip-length. Yeah, you can see it too, right? Damned if I can *find* it.)

0 thoughts on “Sometimes it's just the hat.

  1. in the current vouge catalog, there is 8146.i’m sure it’s not what’s in your head, but there is a hip length, raglan sleeve jacket with round collar, and a deep back pleat, it is a definite swing shape.The dress is just a boiler plate sleeveless sheath with bust and vertical darts.


  2. I was pretty convinced that the “hat” was actually her hair, and was going to point that out, but then I put on my glasses, and, well…I liked it better when I thought it was her hair. As a hat, it’s a wee bit terrifying.


  3. Erin, look in the side bar for Vintage Vogue Pattern 2444Imagine that with the jacket in a tobacco-brown cashmere over a tweed dress. *lesigh*


  4. gidget bananas, I LOVE that jacket! I liked the second paragraph of the article– “Remember darts?” Um, yeah, I have clothes from OLD NAVY that have darts, ferchrissakes. (They’re just not placed right.)


  5. cari, I thought the same thing reading that article. Uh, darts, lining, interfacing? Those are . . . unusual? Although I don’t doubt that the pattern is hard.I was just looking at, and I saw some faux Persian lamb fabric that would make fabulous trim for that jacket.


  6. Tsk, Erin. What’s the matter, Erin? Aren’t you in favour of Cloche Encounters of the Third Kind? I would so wear that hat – regardless of the fact that I’d look like an invading space queen in it. Come to think of it, that’s what I look like most of the time any way, so I might as well have the hat!Black, however, would be the preferred hat colour on my planet.Or a nice red.


  7. I just figured out what that hat reminds me of: Robin Hood’s hat, put on backwards. Try to picture it reversed, in green w/a feather…


  8. You probably looked at Vogue 8146, but I thought I’d point out that it’s made up on the cover of the new Vogue Patterns. V. cute! But perhaps still not quite what you have in your mind.I had a pattern-in-my-mind problem, but I’ve found a cute New Look skirt that is very close to what I wanted, an 8-gore skirt that flares at the hem. I want a contour waistband, and the pattern doesn’t have a waistband at all, just a facing, but I’m going to use the waistband from another pattern.


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