Coffee, Tea, or …

vogue 6785

I am a sucker, a complete and absolute holding-the-title-deed-to-the-Brooklyn-Bridge sucker, for a genre of dress patterns that can only be described as "Space Age Stewardess."

Like this one (which is $12 from Mrs. Cleaver's Kitchen on Ruby Lane). I saw this, and my first thought was "silver Lurex!" As if I ever have an occasion to wear silver Lurex. (We will see Halley's comet again before I have a good excuse to wear silver Lurex. I predict a lot of comet-related fashion then, anyway.) The last time I wore silver fabric of any description, it was a Halloween costume. "Bond girl." And nobody remembers that costume of mine anyway, because my escort to that particular party was Mr. Dress-a-Day, who was wearing black socks, wingtips, a fedora, horn-rim glasses, and an orange polka-dot dress … he was J. Edgar Hoover. (He also carried a pocket tape recorder and asked fellow party-goers if they wanted to hear "Bobby Kennedy doin' it.")

Anyway, I love these dresses (even though I don't think I can wear them especially well) and if I had the time to sew things for a highly speculative career change that involves as a necessary preliminary the development of the interplanetary tourism industry, I would make this up in silver, with a pale blue lining, with some kind of abstract planet-y logo on the matching belt. And then I would float effortlessly through the cabin, reassuring the first-time visitors to Luna Colony that it was an easy flight, nothing to worry about …

0 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea, or …

  1. Please tell me that Mr. Dress-a-Day’s tape recorder actually had sound effects on it. Bonus points for a thick Boston accent. I would have founded a church in y’all’s honor if you had gone as Clyde Tolson. True, nobody would have gotten it, but still.


  2. Oh, yes, there were sound effects (recorded from cable television). Mr. Dress-a-Day is nothing if not thorough.You made me Google Clyde Tolson! You totally get points for that.


  3. “Google Clyde Tolson” should be a euphemism for something. “I drank so much last night, I almost Googled Clyde Tolson!” Hey, has somebody already written an article for you about how “Google” is now a verb? Or has that topic been pitched to you now about eight dozen times?


  4. I am SO making Mr. Motley Krooie dress as J. Edgar Hoover next Halloween!!! He’ll hate it, but I will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Mr. Dress-A-Day gets huges coolness points in my book.


  5. And in my book too. That is a fantastic costume!I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t wear a slightly-toned-down version of the silver Lurex dress… maybe in light blue jersey instead? Still space-agey enough to make you giggle inwardly but not enough to get yourself involuntarily committed.


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