This is your countermission.

Gaultier Spring 2006

I don't know who the costume designer for ALIAS is, (okay — wait, thanks to Google, now I do. Laura Goldsmith). Anyway, Laura needs to take a look at the Spring 2006 Gaultier couture collection, because doesn't this dress look like Sydney Bristow is about to open up a giant-economy-size can of whup-ass on some baddie? Preferably just seconds after picking up a champagne flute?

Actually, now that I look at it again, perhaps it is not quite tight enough or garish enough or made of enough pleather to qualify as an "undercover" outfit on ALIAS. Although it's certainly eyecatching enough.)

ALIAS dress

ALIAS dress

It's certainly an interesting confluence. So many of the high-fashion collections seemed to be aimed at amazingly-fit superspies, yet so few of us actually ARE amazingly-fit superspies! Luckily, amazingly-fit superspies seem to need a LOT of changes of clothing.

0 thoughts on “This is your countermission.

  1. I think the yellow dress in the background night be more inline with the form fitting and bare dresses she’s usually find her in when undercover. Actually make it yellow patent leather and it might appear in the finale.


  2. I’m not sure about that dress. The white part makes the model look very slim, but then it has black panels along the sides which, once noticed, make her look disproportionately hippy to my eye. And being a runway model, you *know* her hips don’t go too far past that white section.


  3. I agree with megan that the white dress looks like a maternity dress — for someone about to give birth to an alien.


  4. Nursing dress is right! Any small children (or seated adults) would get quite an eye-full. And what if a brisk wind kicked in?! It’d make Marilyn Monroe’s “Seven Year Itch” moment look more like a convent costume from “The Sound of Music”…


  5. Spy? More like Cape Cod Beach tourist gone horribly wrong. That white dress looks like it is made of two giant lobster bibs. All it is lacking is a giant red lobster on the bottom “bib” – aka skirt and “Ye olde New England Lobster Shack” on the top – which seems to actually *be* a bib. Clearly the oversized safety glasses are to protect her from the spray of lobster juice when she cracks open the claws. Of course, I am doing a disservice to the manufacturers of lobster bibs – their “fabric” actually flows – whereas this seems to be some sort of butcher paper or molded plastic.


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