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You know, last week, how we were talking about our ideal Oscar dresses? I think (thanks to Helen, who sent me the the link to this site) I found mine.

Wouldn't this be stunning in a true garnet red, with antique garnet jewelry (or, of course, one enormous ruby pinned right at the deepest point of the neckline)? It would also be fabulous in a Pucci-esque print, for maximum craziness. And, of course, I'd put pockets in it.

I'm not quite buying this yet, for several reasons. For one, there's a better-than-average chance that, in order to BE a glamorous movie star attending the Oscars, I would have to be at least a size or two smaller than I am now. So there's no point buying this now, in my actual size. (Ha.) Another is that it's $32, which is slightly too much for me to pay for a theoretical gown for a theoretical event, no matter how gorgeous it is.

The site, Paper Pursuits, is mainly a magazine-and-print ephemera site, but they have tons of Vogue Designer patterns, mostly from the 1960s. They *only* sell Vogue Designers.

The only thing I don't like about this picture is how the photographic model looks as if she's just dropped some popcorn in her cleavage and is unsure how she's going to get it out. Do they let you eat popcorn at the Oscars?

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  1. Not only is the photographed model staring down her cleavage, she’s got more of it than the sketched gals if you look closely. The sketched gals have, ahem, a little more modesty. The illustrator may have not seen the photograph hence the different interpretations.I have to say this would be a grand Oscars dress. I think you need broad shoulders for this dress, but it would conveniently hide child-bearing hips.


  2. But…but…It can be made as a day dress! Look! View C! Adorable. I’d be all over this if I had $32.–Lydia


  3. I would make it in the short sleeves and fill my pockets with snacks! I think if you get an invite to the Oscars, you can eat anything you want! … bring extra popcorn to share, of course…Amen on the hip hiding feature too!


  4. For those who really, really want this pattern, I’d sign up for a favorite search on eBay. I know ms. dressaday does this quite often 😉 to get elusive stuff!


  5. I love it! I always loved Judy Garland’s red dress in “Meet Me In St. Louis,” but it’s a bit cutesy for the Oscars [to which, of course, I will eventually be invited]. But this in a rich, deep red & short sleeves would be a fab version. Love the portrait neckline—my collarbones are about the only part of my body that I am proud of.But I do feel that the artist was a bit optimistic in his/her interpretation of the fall of the neckline. The model looks like she just put it on for the first time and is thinking, “Dang! This thing is way lower than I thought it was going to be. What am I gonna do if I drop my purse? I wonder if I could pull my gum into two pieces and stick it to the inside of the ‘v’…”


  6. If i had this dress I would not befoul it with a pin. Dress clip the cleavage for sure!You’d have to have a tiny tiny waist like the model to pull this off though. I’m pretty sure I’d look like a very large walking lemon in this version of the dress.


  7. I would SO make my dress for the Oscars, even if Joanne Woodward was snubbed the year she made hers. Can you imagine? I’d be proud to say, “I made my dress.”


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