Misallocation of Resources

ebay item 8305987417

Probably one of my biggest pet peeves is designers who mess up good prints. Look at this number from Alessandro Dell'Acqua. This is a really gorgeous, elegant print, and he ruined it. Why the neckline approaching the navel? Why the gathers enlarging the waist? Why the blousyness? I just want to take the man by the shoulders and shake him, yelling "Hey! Why? What do you have against letting prints be prints? For the love of god, man, why?"

If I had access to significant yardage of this, I'd make a dress with high round neck and little cap sleeves, with either a 3/4 circle skirt or a pencil skirt. Something very simple, so that the print carried all the work of the dress. This the dress equivalent of a committee working at cross-purposes. Somehow the working group on fabric didn't check in with the neckline subcommittee, and, once they discovered the problem, both groups got pigheaded and wouldn't budge. It's a shame, really.

0 thoughts on “Misallocation of Resources

  1. Maybe she has the dress on backwards? It’s just a thought…you know Hillary Swank wore this back-revealing dress to the Academy Award two years ago. You could turn it around. No one would ever know. Although the dress label would be in front if you looked closely enough.


  2. I think that print could look nice in a drop-waist blouson dress, for example one that fit properly. The way this dress hangs off the model’s body is ridiculous.


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