Physically impossible.

book dress
Thanks to Sarah Mitchell for this image.

The dress and hat are by designer Andre Tan, and were shown at Kiev's Fashion Week. (Don't even breathe "Kiev has a fashion week?" unless you WANT to be inundated with stirring nationalistic email from the Ukraine.)

I like the dress quite a bit, but I'm not so sure about the hat. First of all, I'd be completely frustrated by this both as a wearer and as an onlooker. How could I read it either way, unless the person wearing it was exactly the right height to put this at my eye level? And are you allowed to turn the page of a book when it's resting on someone else's head, or is that an invasion of their personal space? And is it removable, so that you can coordinate the content your bookhat to the rest of your outfit? Obviously, I'd like to wear retro cookbooks or romantic-advice books with some of my 1950s dresses, steampunk science fiction with my more future-Victorian outfits (okay, I don't HAVE any future-Victorian ensembles, but if I could wear a book on my head to match you'd know damn sure I'd get some!) and so on. The Great Gatsby with a white linen shift dress. Catch-22 with anything with militaristic detailing. Oh, god, stop me! Stalky & Co. with schoolboy chic. Clan of the Cave Bear with anything furry.

Anyway: too many questions, not enough answers. And even if all the answers were in THAT BOOK, I'd never know!

0 thoughts on “Physically impossible.

  1. I don’t think you could turn it without asking first. But it would be an assuming outfit for the people on the subway.


  2. I would think, also, that the weight of the book could lead to balance problems or perhaps even neck sprains. Listen, I’m sorry. I know there’s a whole lot I don’t know about women’s fashion, so it’s possible I’m just not getting something here. But that hat makes absolutely no damn sense to me at all. Is there a universe in which that hat makes sense? Is it just me? It’s me, isn’t it?


  3. I just have to say I love your blog!!! I dont know about todays picture tho interestin hat tho. I liked Carmen with the fruit on her head better looked more cheerful.


  4. The head and hair have always been a source of creativity and ripe for accesorizing. About a decade or so ago, I remember a Spanish socialite plastered on the pages of !Hola! magazine. She had gorgeous clothing, beautiful hair and was stunning. She would adorn her hair and entwine objects in it- kitchen utensils, and other odd things that In my opinion worked a whole lot better than hats and ribbon. She was expressive and stylish, not advant guarde or showy. I like the book hat and I love the outfit.


  5. I think the book is just for shock value, but look closely at the hat its attached to. I’m a milliner and i can tell you…..that hat probably took a very long time to make, especially if its couture, because they probably carved a hatblock specifically for it. I bet he made a beautiful, simple hat, tried to put it on the runway, and when it looked too much like a normal hat…..he stuck a book on it! Gorgeous dress though…love the sleeves.


  6. i love tht dress!!! i love the trend of huge belts on ur waisr it should never go out of styel!!!love


  7. The book…odd, I must say. I mean, no offense, but can you really see anyone off the runway wearing this? But I do love wide waist belts. That is possibly the only thing. Hahah


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