0 thoughts on “Just click on this, okay?

  1. Wow, so lovely! So you! I’m glad you weren’t there, so you weren’t tempted into any sort of an unseemly *scene*. Although of course you are too decorous by half to have tried to trade dresses with her on the spot or anything….


  2. I love, love, love the “new look”. That is just perfect, so 50’s and she wears it so well. The guy is pretty snazzy too.


  3. I love that some folks still take part in the “parade.” (And I especially like that guy’s straw bowler.) “Easter Parade” is one of my favorite old movies…


  4. I immediately thought of Dress a Day when I saw that picture, further down is a version of that Duro (was it?) dress with the tunic style insert which was feature here for a good while.


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