Intermixed-up Duro dress

Intermix Mint dress
Liesl sent me this dress from Mint, sold on the Intermix site (click the image to go there).

I love the base fabric (cotton lawn with a neat print) but I'm not sold on the navy silk border OR the back zipper. This kind of dress should have a side zipper. A back zipper just ruins the line.

The navy silk … I don't like the pairing of silk charmeuse with cotton lawn, and I don't like navy. I think this would have been much better with orange gingham border. The whole point of the Duro-style dress is to mix prints! Playing it safe with a solid border is just boring.

To add insult to injury, it's $415 (!!!) and comes in three sizes. Yep, 2, 4, and 6. Sure do cover a lot of American women when you carry that wide of a size range! Sheesh. In short: Mint, thanks for playing! We have some lovely parting gifts for you at the door.

0 thoughts on “Intermixed-up Duro dress

  1. Is that print Starry Starry Night? They should have found a nice cotton lawn with an allover ear print to use instead of the navy.


  2. I’m not wild about orange gingham unless you’re Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz on drugs. A silk loud orange camouflage print would be snazzy though.


  3. I actually really like this one. The print immediately reminds me of Seurat; and although I’ve always liked navy, I’ve never looked very good in it. But the older I get the better it seems to suit me (“thanks” to my prematurely-greying hair!). I’m guessing that you’d have to dry-clean this one to keep the two fabrics from srinking/stretching to different degrees and ruining the flow of the dress. (And I’m vehemently anti-dry-cleaning-required-clothing.) But hey, if I were rich or if it were a gift, I’d wear it at least once a week all summer long!


  4. Yeah, $415 is certainly a little steep. How much is the Duro dress? And I’m hoping that they’ve only sold out of the other sizes…


  5. la belladonna! Thank you for my first good laugh of the day!I really like the looks of this dress, but I don’t like the mix of fabrics. I think even with dry cleaning there’d be problems with the contrasting materials. I’d like it better all silk — not that I’m spending $415 bucks on it.


  6. I loooove this. I am currently trying to draft a simliar pattern (not that i’ve ever drafted a pattern before) in a sleveless style. I dont mind the contrasting fabrics but I think I am in the minority here…


  7. Two years later and this is still a great dress. I would never mix such different weight materials on a dress, but the colors work.


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