Okay, Liesl over at disdressed told me about a place in SoHo that has Japanese fabrics (and don’t think I won’t be there right off the plane next time I go to New York [note to folks who work with me: I exaggerate here for effect]). But I also followed a link to Kitty Craft, a website based in Korea which carries PAGES of insanely cute Japanese fabrics.

How insane? There’s about a page and a half of Anne of Green Gables fabric. (Yes, she’s big in Japan.) There is the fabric above, which I was heartbroken to learn I could not buy four yards of, because they didn’t have four yards in stock (but then relieved when I realized what four yards plus shipping would cost). [Removed link as the site now redirects to someplace NOT FUN]

There are also these bunnies:
I didn’t put this one full-size — that much cute can kill someone who’s not prepared. It’s like Houdini getting hit in the stomach.

Some caveats about the site — all the fabric is sold in 1/4 yard increments. If you buy 1/2 yd or more it is sold uncut. (That is, you don’t get two quarter-yard pieces.) It’s Korea, so shipping is … high. Do join their mailing list, you get a discount you can use right away. And if a pop-up appears saying “Quantity is not sufficient”, it’s not YOUR quantity, it’s theirs. Keep lowering your quantity desired until what you want and what they have match.

And if anyone has a line on four yards of this stuff, or knows someone in Japan who can get me Japanese fabric wholesale to resell on this site … well, you know both my email address and my capacity for undying gratitude.

10 thoughts on “Kawaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii!

  1. OMG. *Sob* you have hit one of my weaknesses – I would so buy that bunny fabric! Not to mention chunks of other stuff. It gets mighty crowded mighty soon when you’re an “Oh, just give me ten yards of that” kind of girl. (You can tell that you are when you start having to store fabrics in Rubbermaid trash cans – the outdoor kind, not the kitchen kind.)


  2. Amen! I stumbled across Kitty a few weeks ago. I lust after Asian fabric!! I wonder if there are any cheaper wholesalers in California?


  3. I just put in my second order with kitty-craft. They’ve got some cute, cute stuff. The customer service makes me nervous though–my first order was supposed to come in like 5-10 business days and after 3 weeks I had heard nothing from them. After I emailed them they responded and my package came shortly. With this order I requested they confirm my order but still no response. This might be my last order…


  4. Sad fact: KittyCraft is no longer at that link – AND BEFORE YOU CLICK IT – it’s totally in-your-face porny, and maybe infectious.

    Probably time to remove those links. Too bad; I really did like the bunny fabric. 😦


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