Somebody at Converse is reading this blog.

liberty Jack Purcells

I can hear the conversation in the meeting right now. "That Erin, over at Dress A Day — she *really* loves Jack Purcells."

"Yeah, that's right. She says she has a dozen pairs! But she buys them on eBay. We have to figure out a way to get her to buy them from us."

"Well, what else does she like?"

"Hmmm … let's look at the dossier: Georgette Heyer, Wired magazine, collars, Cadbury Mini Eggs …"

"Those are not exactly SHOE CONCEPTS, dude."

"Not even the Mini Eggs? Girls love chocolate and shoes, you know that."

"I'm going to pretend that didn't come out of your mouth. Do you want the Manolo to mock you?"

"Wait! She loves this stuff — "Liberty prints"? You heard of those?"

"You heard of Google?"

"Holy bingo! — this is it. Get those Liberty people on the phone!"

"But will she really spend $100 on a pair of sneakers? Won't she just wait for them to show up on eBay?"

"Watch and see, grasshopper. Watch and see."

Yeah, they have my number, all right. I don't know if I can spend $100 on these! But … LIBERTY! JACK PURCELLS! It's not my favorite Liberty print. It's not my favorite colorway. But LIBERTY JACK PURCELLS! Do you think this will work?

Dear Converse,

I wear a Men's size 6.5, and I will wear these everywhere and stop everyone who passes me, just like the Ancient Mariner, to tell them about LIBERTY JACK PURCELLS.

You know what I'm hinting at.

Your pal,


I'm also tempted by these, but I have to try them on first:

liberty Jack Purcells

But — LIBERTY JACK PURCELLS! They may get me yet.

0 thoughts on “Somebody at Converse is reading this blog.

  1. yeah. granny’s wash bag memories for me. but liberty is a marvellous shop, full of wonderful things, but best to make stuff from the fabric yourself.


  2. The sneakers, eh, I can live without them. Georgette Heyer I’m interested in, however. She’s been recommended to me many times, but when I tried to read The Black Moth a couple of years ago, I hated it. Then just last night I read that that was her first book and is generally considered to be not very good, so I feel I should give her another chance. Are there particular ones you’d recommend? I need something to look forward to when I’m done with all the Patrick O’Brian books.


  3. BB– I’m fond of The Grand Sophy, Bath Tangle, and Venetia … I’d avoid her mysteries, very dated, and the historicals that aren’t Regency.


  4. I just read Devil’s Cub, and although it was a predictable romance, it was a delightful (and short! Bonus!) read. Those Cons though…mmmm. I was perusing the site, and those dark red brocades are calling to me. Really.


  5. Not especially related to Jack Purcell’s (but I do love those!), but if you are ever in Baltimore you should check out Ma Petite Shoe which sells both chocolates and shoes. In the same store! how brilliant is that?


  6. The Black Moth was written when Georgette Heyer was teenager to amuse her brother Boris, who was a recovering from a serious illness (he had a form of hemophilia). It’s a little mannered, but I thought it was entertaining enough. Some of the characters appear in a much more appealing form in These Old Shades. (Sara, if you liked Devil’s Cub, this is his parents’ story!) One of my very favorites is Cotillion; also The Reluctant Widow; one section of An Infamous Army was thought so well of, it was actually used at Sandhurst!! Um, Beauvallet was my first, and also a favorite, but very mannered; you might prefer The Toll Gate. I actually enjoy the mysteries; for me, the fact that they’re dated is a part of their charm; a long-ago world that I like to visit, like the early Miss Marple mysteries.Erin, did you not care for Powder and Patch, or do you slide the more Georgian pieces under the “Regency” category?Bbrug, what did you not like about The Black Moth ?


  7. Oh, no, I loved the Georgian ones, too. Powder and Patch especially.I have (I think) all of her books except one or two of the mysteries and Rotherhithe, a juvenalia title she herself hated. I read them over and over, especially when I’m sick. Which I am today. But no chance to read GH, sadly!


  8. La BellaDonna, it’s been a while, so I’d have to look at the book again to give you a coherent answer. And I never finished it–maybe it gets really good two-thirds of the way through! But as I recall, I found it stupid overall–plot, characters, dialogue, . . . There may also have been some impatience about historical inaccuracy, as I can be a nerd about that. But I so wanted to like it that I think I must have been very irritated to put it down.


  9. i have the jp slip-ons in black and i love them. people keep asking me where i got them and are astonished they’re cons. try them on!! they are so comfy.


  10. I can’t beleive you haven’t checked Spring Court tennis shoes yet… Gold, Pink, Fatigues, personal prints: you would love them.


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