Look again.

skirts and flowers
Look again — it's not a flower, it's a skirt! It's from the "Waist Down — Skirts by Miucci Prada" exhibit, which is running April 19 through May 31st at the Prada Epicenter in NYC. I hope I have a chance to check it out.

[via 37 Signals, thanks to Mark Hurst for the link!]


0 thoughts on “Look again.

  1. I so love skirts!!! I try one on and it fits. Such a different story with pants and jeans :+(I wish I did not live so far away boo-hoo.


  2. I went! This past weekend! People, GET YOURSELVES TO NEW YORK CITY AND SEE THIS! It was really great! I came home feeling inspired to sew, and actually, ahem, stopped by the fabric store on the way back. At least I didnt try to buy anything *at* Prada…


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