lace fabric
I just bought this fabric on eBay. Correction: I just bought SEVEN yards of this fabric on eBay. It's 60" wide! Including shipping from the UK, it was less than $30. Supposedly it is not as white-white as the picture, but is instead a deep cream color.

Now, there's every chance that whatever I make will make me look like Attack of the Tablecloth Bride, but in my head right now this looks cool and summery, not as obvious (and more flattering on me) than bright white. I'm seeing something like the sweet and simple bodice from the other day, with a 3/4 circle skirt. Not quite sure how I'll line it, or with what (probably batiste or thin habotai silk, I would think) but that will all get worked out eventually.

I think this kind of crochet-y lace is less formal and easier to wear than what we usually think of as Lace with a capital L — and much less scratchy!

We'll see what it looks like when it arrives. Seven yards!

Speaking of tablecloths, I think I'm going to try to do a photo tutorial on making a skirt from a round tablecloth. Since there's more natural light (and more elbow room) in most coal mines than there is in my sewing room, this will take a bit of planning.

One last reminder … if you're going to send me a book cover for the book cover contest, tomorrow's the last day to do it!

0 thoughts on “Lace.

  1. What is this “sewing room” of which you speak? Just the words stir in me feellings of joyous excess though I couldn’t imagine an entire room devoted to sewing. Could it be? Does it really exsist? Hmmmm. . . . one must ponder. Does my family really need a guest room or that formal dining room? Or maybe the baby could sleep in the laundry room. She’s only 18 months and would never notice.


  2. I tried to post a comment yesterday but it would not post then it went immediatly to updating the website go figure. Nice fabric I hope you like it when it arrives.Oh, 18 months she would never notice she is in the laundry room. I have large rooms devoted to storage the 3rd bedroom and the front room. The front room which is huge & is not supposed to be strorage but it is for now.


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