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Blueprint Dress
Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a copy of Blueprint magazine, the new magazine from Martha Stewart. I got it right from the source — someone at MSLO — and she said, as she handed it to me "This is a magazine for YOU!"

Boy, was she right. I'm their target demographic, their ideal reader. In fact, it's so dead-on I'm a little worried that they've had a team of crack magazine planners following me around. The magazine is only 160 pp, but I dogeared about every other editorial spread to go back to … that's nuts!

However, two things made me think that I had to recommend it to all of you: first of all, the bio of the Blueprint fashion director, Katie Hatch, reads, in part, "Katie took the Singer into her own hands when she was 7 to make clothes for her Barbie … she became Blueprint's fashion editor, a job that's as tailor-fit as her wardrobe, most of which she sews herself. 'I like one-of-a-kind things,' says Katie, who is still finishing three new dresses." And the quote above her name reads "I believe a woman can have a rich inner life and still love clothes."

The other thing is — the magazine contains a pattern (well, a link to pattern that is on the Blueprint website) for a DRESS. A dress you can MAKE. (It's the undarted column dress with a drawstring/tie closure at the neck pictured here.) It is super-easy and can be made by hand, without a machine. Considering I cannot remember the last time a mainstream consumer magazine (I'm not counting Bust or ReadyMade here) offered a dress pattern, I was pretty impressed.

Other highlights — a double spread of fancy notecards (is there anyone who doesn't love notecards?), a couple of pages on how to make your own charm necklaces and bracelets, eight day-to-evening dresses (I *will* be knocking off the Sari Gueron dress, only not in putty, thank you, I'm thinking more a deep turquoise), and their guide to shopping in Paris included a listing for a fabric store. Oh, yeah.

Some of the price points on the items featured are pretty high (one of the notecard sets was $1,034, for *100*) but there were also more budget-friendly pieces, such as how/where to blow up a digital photo into an inexpensive (yet really cool) poster-size piece of art. (Of course, this makes me think again of poor, doomed Budget Living which I loved … of course, they were always doomed, how do you attract advertisers to a magazine where the whole concept is "People! Don't spend too much money!"? But it was great while it lasted.)

The only thing that could make this magazine better is a girly gadgets column. Oh, wait, they had one about portable scanners. Cool.

You can go to their site for a free trial issue. It's $18 for 6 issues. If you want the direct link to the dress pattern for the dress shown at left, click on the image.

0 thoughts on “New Magazine Alert

  1. I signed up for the free issue, haven’t received it yet, though. Now I am totally jealous.BTW, are you and I separated at birth, or something, because I agree: that Sari Gueron dress is dreadful in putty and a deep teal/turquoise (one of my best colors) would be divine.


  2. Martha Stewart has always been my advertising porn. Their graphic designers are GENIUSES. So much so that I’d look at the catalog, with five skeins of embroidery floss and a hoop for $25.00, and nearly be tempted.


  3. For the sake of the suspicious-minded (like me) and disorganized (like me), let me point out that this is a for-real trial issue – they send you a magazine, then a bill, and if you don’t want the subscription you just send the bill back marked “cancel.” None of this “within three weeks, send us a form in triplicate signed by your fifth-grade teacher, turn around three times clockwise and howl at the moon, or else we’ll bill the credit card on file for the full amount” nonsense.


  4. That Sari Gueron dress is gorgeous, but I worry about the high waist and the pleating. It seems like a bad combination for any woman who has the slightest belly–but it would be a great maternity dress. I’d love to see the dress with a slightly longer waist.


  5. Am I silly or do the directions for that dress, seem less than complete? Maybe it is the novice in me showing?


  6. a free dress pattern is no thing to scoff at, but by GOD it’s hideous! Even the nice stripey fabric can’t make up for the fact that it’s clearly a sack of potatoes with a shoestring round the top!


  7. I want to check out this magazine. When I was in Paris looking for this quilt coverlet thingy. I went to this kinda dept store with houseware but on floor above it. They had the most lovey, fabby,beautiful tres- chic fabric to die for and lots of it. I walked through it trying to figure out how to get out. I did not have time to look I was in such a hurry someone was waiting for me. I was lost.I agree with anonymous the stripes are super cute but it truly does look like a sack of potatoes.


  8. Yeah, me too. Maybe it’s because I’m a thickening middle-aged lady, but I can’t imagine that dress would do anything for me.


  9. Wow. This looks like a great magazine. I’ve always loved the style of Martha Stewart Magazine and this looks like it’s gonna be a fun one to read. Your post on this totally sold me. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s late at night and I’m more prone to buying things at this time, but I couldn’t hesitate… Btw, I love reading your blog.


  10. I was thinking along the “sack o’ potatoes” line too; but I’ve discovered that I can carry off more of this sort of baggy-shapeless thing than I would have thought IF I wear it with a nice, wide belt tied higher up on my torso than I would normally wear it—say, almost empire-waist. Then, it cinches my smallest part, and the “puff” hides my…uh…other [ahem] assets.I’d like to try this pattern, but in a long tunic rather than a dress. Heaven knows I have enough misc. fabric pieces for ALL of us to make this dress. In triplicate…


  11. I was in the grocery store this past weekend with a friend of mine when we spied this by the check-out and determined we both NEEDED this magazine! Loved it! One thing we both oberved though – looking through it required a great deal more concentration/focus than your average magazine.


  12. this dress looks like the halter tops we used to make out of bandanas when I was a teenager… one of my first sewing projects! Anyway, the magazine sounds great, made for me, too… I signed up


  13. Off the subject….since you’ve been doing this blog for a year now….will we be seeing the book soon?


  14. Actually, when you go shopping in Paris make sure you hit Mont Martre, there’s a whole fabric DISTRICT! Giant stores and warehouses full of fabric. It’s fantastic.


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