dress stationery (note that's with an 'e')

rock scissor paper dahlia dress stationery

Isn't this adorable? Like all right-thinking people, I love notecards. LOVE them. I have an enormous box of them. (And I just bought some fifties-fabric themed ones from the V&A …) I probably spend more time deciding which ones to use than I do writing the actual notes.

I keep meaning to save my pennies and get some traditional name-across-the-top, letterpressed-not-laserjetted plain note cards, but in the meantime, I might just have to order a set of these, from Rock Scissors Paper.

They also have a lot of other dress-themed cards, including this one, which is my favorite:

rock scissor paper dahlia dress stationery

It must be the midriff band.

0 thoughts on “dress stationery (note that's with an 'e')

  1. Too too gorgeous! BTW, dontcha just HATE it when signwriters in particular advertise paper and envelopes as “stationary”? Yeah, they’re not moving. ‘e’ is for EEEEEEEEEEEENVELOPE!


  2. I luuuuuurrrrve these… I’m a bit of a stationery fan too–mine is usually opera-themed (since I’m a singer) but these are gorgeous. I just got some cute Kate Spade stuff for my anniversary, too…


  3. I think it is a cummerbund rather than a midriff band. My 1958 Easter dress was a lavender polka-dot sheath with a matching solid lavender cummerbund. Paired with my first pair of high-heels, garter belt and nylon stockings (seams in back, naturally) I was the last word in style.


  4. I love stationery too, but I’ve been so out of the habit of writing letters these days that it’s hard to justify buying all the cute note paper out there. These two are adorable, and the Rock Scissors Paper site is great. Thanks for introducing it, Erin. Caitlin, I like your “envelope” trick. My mnemonic has always been that something stationary is afixed and stationery can be engraved.


  5. I always thought “stationery” was for writing LEEEEETTEEEEERS.Erin, you should definitely have both of those, and when you get your own made they should have equally cute dresses.Did I tell you this is my 15-year-old’s favorite blog?


  6. Very sweet. The use of cards seems to be slowly evaporating. It’s very unfortunate–this method allows a girl to communicate not only the sentiments she wishes to put to paper, but also something about her personality via the card design she chooses. I really like it when people know the difference between “stationery,” and “stationary.” One moves, one doesn’t (ha ha). The Albertson’s (HUGE grocery store) in my neighborhood has an aisle which is marked “stationary/school supplies.” Epic.


  7. I love the little tricks that help me to remember correct spelling (not a strong talent of mine), so thanks everyone for giving me the tricks for stationery/stationary.I love notecards too. Use them for thank you notes (another dying art) – or billet-doux slipped into my man’s case when he goes away on business (it’s nice – don’t make that face!).I prefer the second one. It’s something to do with the pic being half hidden. The US has much more interesting stationEry than the UK.


  8. I love these cards and all the rest on that site. And the wedding section is just fabulous! Thanks for posting about it. I wish people wrote more often and actually sent thank you notes. I get such a surprised reaction from people when they receive one from me.


  9. It’s sad that people are using stationery less and less. Not only is receiving a card or letter in the mail a wonderful surprise, I keep cards and letters and often look back at them many years later. It’s a wonderful way to remember special people and special times in your life. I doubt that 10 years from now I will go back and read old emails.


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