Green how I love you green. / Green wind. / Green boughs. / The ship on the sea / and the horse on the mountain. /

ebay item 220013510959

I really do love green, every shade from pale celadon or celery to that deep peacock that is almost blue. Green is good, and this dress is a very good green … it's an eBay listing (not of mine, of Memphis Vintage) and has another few days to run. Good condition, only one small mark, of the kind that if you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't know it was there. If you know what I mean.

The collar, the cuffs, the flat center of the pleated skirt; there are so many things to praise about this dress. Go look at the other pictures, especially the buttons on the cuffs.

I am at the Wikimania conference today (I've seen only two dresses other than the one I'm wearing, so far) and this dress, oddly enough, makes me think of that kind of precursor to online communal projects, the women's club. Think about it: a population of people whose talents are underused (or, at the very least, not exhaustively used) who band together to do good things in their communities. This is a dress to wear to exhort folks to pull together and get stuff done, isn't it? Up at the front of the room, after everyone's had tea and cookies, saying "We need volunteers to make bandages/fund-raise for the children's playground/organize a monument"? The green would simultaneously reassure and energize. I haven't seen much green today, but I will be wearing green tomorrow. Let's hope I'm right!

0 thoughts on “Green how I love you green. / Green wind. / Green boughs. / The ship on the sea / and the horse on the mountain. /

  1. Continuing with the Duro-mania — have you seen the giant spread in Lucky!?!?! I’m dying over that $580 couture one! Crazy how people pay that for something that can be made, and made well!Love the belt on that dress.


  2. oooh, I love the shape and the color! Only thing is in the pic with the collar turned up, and with the v-neck, it kind of reminds me of a doctor’s scrub! I’m wearing green today, I love green too! And tomorrow I’ll wear the green dress I made this summer, which also has little pleats at the waistline. 🙂


  3. Green is the best! I’m making a green dress right now. It’s interesting that creative people love green, and use green in their home decorating. And real estate folks will tell you to “ditch” green in the home when you put your house on the market, as most people don’t like green. But then again…a lot of people just plain old are not creative, at all.Sad.


  4. I love this dress! Oh, how I do remember the days of the “lady at the podium” in her exquisite green dress and matching hat with just a breath of a veil skimming over the crown. And let’s not forget the shoes and purse (probably in black suede)to finish the look. Does anyone besides me remember glove clips you attached to your purse so you could put your white gloves on at a moment’s notice?


  5. Ooh, love this dress (though not the color, actually! It’s a weird green on my screen!). And the quote…though I liked that poem SO much better in Spanish, becuase it sounded so silly in English I almost bought a dress today, thinking of you, but couldn’t do it in the end–it was an Isaac Mizhrahi for Target dress, brown with a scoop neck and cap sleeves and full skirt….and POCKETS!!!! So tempting. But the waist was like, two inches higher than looked good on me, so I ultimately decided I wouldn’t like it and thus wouldn’t wear it. Sigh. POCKETS!


  6. Great dress…I love fitted tops with fluffy skirts. The wrap style is great, and the seller has many beautiful things! I also adorethe title of this post. Ahhh…Lorca. Not quoted enough.


  7. Pretty – one of my favorite greens. I love the wrap/surplice type tops, and they’re very comfortable to wear too. Not, however, when I’ve tried it, easy to draft. Because of the angle as the bodice comes across the front, and the variation in length for the bust, it’s easy for it to be pouchy, not fitted. (especially elastic/gathered waist versions) Do you happen to know a good pattern?


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