Older Yet Not Wiser

ebay item 160018097475

It's only thanks to Nora Needles that I even saw this dress, and now I'm wondering how I could possibly justify purchasing this. It's slightly too big for me — that's the only thing that's holding me back. Well, that, and the fact that wearing orange polka dots all day might make me so gleeful that I wouldn't be able to get any work done. You know, with all the giggling and the skipping. And the fact that I'd spend the next thirty-five years of my life looking for orange ankle-strap shoes to match. (Oh, it's a sad, sad life I lead …)

This morning when I woke up and ran out for the paper (the copy I grabbed didn't have the magazine, boo, hiss — good thing there's another copy waiting for me at home) there was that smell in the air that says summer is ending. Just a hint of cool crispness — nothing obvious, no sere leaf floating to the ground in front of me, no bus rumbling by displaying an ad for cable-knit tights — just that scent in the air. So how could I bid on such a squeezed-orange hot-July-nights dress like this when (if previous Augusts are anything to go by) I'll be thinking about buying wool jersey in deep colors in roughly seventeen days?

If you are in some place where autumn won't arrive until the Halloween candy is on clearance sale, or some place where you're just starting to think about the arrival of spring, go click on the link to see the auction. And if you find the shoes to match, let me know. I might want to buy a pair just in case …

0 thoughts on “Older Yet Not Wiser

  1. I think this dress is from seller, Happybirthdaymrpresident??? on eBay? I love her stuff and can see why one would want this dress. andapanda here, made it through the heart stuff on Wed.~


  2. Well, you know, even though there *is* that feeling in the air that Summer is on its way out, just remember that lower Great Lakes types like you and me still tend to get a lot of warm days right into September. Hell, we’ve even had surprisingly hot runs of days during October, in recent years I’ve seen people in and around Toronto strolling about with their shorts and tanks back on at those times! (‘Course, they’re a stubborn lot who refuse to wear snow boots, mitts or hats in the Winter and yet complain constantly about the cold, so what can I say.) And who *says* that bright colours can only be worn when the seasonal sun’s on the rise or peaking!If you want it, Erin …


  3. Buy the dress please!!! I can live my dress live vicariously through you 🙂 i would definately be skipping all day wearing it.


  4. You could buy that dress and put it in cold storage for the winter. Then you could peek in at it once a week for inspiration when the debilitating Chicagoland winter encroaches upon your happiness quotient, threatening your entire existence–and your ability to skip and giggle.By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was away from the computer dealing with a surly houseguest, and didn’t get to read three or four days’ worth of your posts.


  5. Autumn for you means spring for we Antipodeans – yay! This means I get to go back through your archives and decide which dress I’ll make first (btw – most likely to be the Butterick wrap dress 4790 from posts late June/early July). It has been very difficult hearing of all that dress-wearing-induced skipping and giggling while the weather here is definitely saying “pants to that”. Might also have something to do with being 7 months pregnant. At least spring will bring a return to a more normal waistline. Here’s hoping Baby finds the hum of the sewing machine as soothing and relaxing as I remember it from my childhood . . .Emma from Down Under


  6. Erin-As a 35 year old who loves orange, I say GO FOR IT! There is always at least a day or two of Indian Summer. Where I live it will be summer ’till Mid October… maybe my co-worker and I need to kidnapp you for a vintage sewing clinic. Saturday night we ran an event where we watched home movies with total strangers. The feeling was nearly unanimous by all that Kodachrome was God’s gift to photography, and that women just dressed better 65 years ago! Oh the dresses and hats we saw, in motion! Oh, how I wish you were there!Cheers,Ladyschweig


  7. Wow! I, too, fall into the category of “older but not wiser.” Because I, too, would snap this dress right up and become obsessed with finding the perfect orange shoes to match it. Gorgeous!As always, a wonderful blog. Your posts make my day when I check in. Keep up the great work!


  8. Hey Panda! That IS Sheila’s dress, she always has the best dresses! Orange is one of my favorite colors year round……..did you know Sinatra used to say orange should be the national color, he loved it so? True stuff. Glad you’re doing all right, Panda……Ang


  9. Great dress Erin. I look like crap in Orange tho, but I love the style of the dress. If you look good in Orange or love the color go for it.


  10. OMG That is the most prettiful dress ever! If you ever need someone to take it off your hands you got one right here.


  11. I realize that I am 2 years late and few will ever read this comment, however, …I hate orange. I hate polka dots.I will duplicate this wonderful shape one day — probably in lavender. Or, perhaps, navy with a white collar. Or a subtle floral in ice blue.But anyone who likes orange polka dots should get such a dress and wear it proudly.


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