Pong Dress (don't worry, it smells fine)

ebay item 8305987417

From India comes this dress (here's the Gizmodo video link, which shows it in action). You can play Pong on it.

Now, I do like videogame dresses, I do. But not this one. Why? Because it's nearly impossible to play the game and wear the dress at the same time, which makes you just another piece of furniture, something to be acted upon, instead of acting. How boring is that? Plenty.

Now, make me a dress that I can wear and play Centipede on at the same time, and I will be your minion for … well, for a good long time. Although try to keep the roller ball on the front, will you? It would be uncomfortable to sit on.

0 thoughts on “Pong Dress (don't worry, it smells fine)

  1. But in the video, it’s clear that it takes two teenage boys to appreciate this dress: one to concentrate on playing the game, and one to watch the lights flickering over the wearer’s torso. Neither one of them is going to be hearing a word she says. So maybe it’s a good dress for, say, an underconfident party mingler. She could practice chatting about the weather, knowing that nobody will be listening very hard, but that they’ll try to look like they’re listening.It’s a theory, anyway.


  2. Do you have to carry a battery pack? I can’t think of a good place for that. And I hate to imagine what might happen if anything gets spilled (game over at the least). Weird as it was, the touch-me-light-me-up dress would be the way to go (infinitely more clever, and at least you would be involved with the party…).Heather Outside Boston


  3. Out here in the midwest, I was amazed last year to see a totally ordinary formalwear store advertising light up prom dresses. They had lights in a variety of configurations on the bodices and skirts. So this concept is already moving main line. Yikes.Amy


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