The Princess and the Pea

Mattress Dress

Kirsten J. sent me the link to this dress, which is made out of a mattress, and modeled by the designer, Danielle Kelly. She calls this dress "Sleeping Beauty", but I think it would be a natural as a costume for some production of The Princess and the Pea, don't you?

I love it when people make dresses out of unusual materials. And I love it when other people find those dresses on the internets and send the links to me. Thanks, Kirsten!

0 thoughts on “The Princess and the Pea

  1. Hee hee. Memory foam… I was a teen actress who starred in the 9th Street library’s production of Princess & the Pea. Talk about low budget. Our set was a table with a “bed skirt” and 4 twin mattresses piled on top of the table. We had a small step ladder to assist me. Now this would have been an ideal costume! I like dresses made from unusual materials, too. I was thinking she could have called it Beauty Rest by Kelly.


  2. Every year, the 1708 Gallery here in Richmond puts on a Wearable Art show. The entrants are mostly VCU fashion design students, and some of the results have been incredible. Definitely keep an eye out for this year’s designs.


  3. I really, truly love this dress. Sitting down—or the inability to do so—would be the only drawback. (Like anyone’s meant to actually FUNCTION while wearing this dress. I don’t think it was intended for wear during dishwashing, vacuuming, company meetings, seaside holidays, etc.) I keep envisioning a cartoon “Boing!” sound, and the wearer bouncing higher and higher like Sue and her bustle in Disney’s old animated “Pecos Bill.”


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