what the heck, let's just make this Fabric Week, okay?

Harmony Art

Everyone okay with me just declaring this Fabric Week at A Dress A Day? Sarah sent me the link to this company, Harmony Art; they were a nominee for Co-op America's People's Choice award for the greenest companies — and that's green as in "ecological", not the color — and, well, I like this fabric. I like it a great deal. And it's intended for home furnishings (I have no fear of looking like a well-upholstered sofa, obviously) so it's 90" wide. Oooooh! So nice not to have to wiggle with the cutting layouts for a REALLY big skirt!

I'm not entirely sure what the scale of this pattern is, but, frankly, I don't care. If the flowers are as big as my head? Fine. Size of a quarter? Fine. Just sign me up when it becomes available …

I also like this pattern:

Harmony Art

Although I'm not a huge fan of purple. In fact, I'm not even a casual fan of purple. In fact, when purple comes on the radio, I change the station. (And yes, yes, I know about the "when I am an old lady" poem, and frankly, when I am an old lady I will still be wearing huge polka dots. I hope.)

Come back tomorrow for more fabric here during FABRIC WEEK! (See, doesn't it look more official in all-caps?)

0 thoughts on “what the heck, let's just make this Fabric Week, okay?

  1. I would *wear* almost any one of the fabrics shown on that website. What I wonder is why would a company so concerned about ecology sell such light colored, dirt showing fabric for upholstery? I would have to re-upholster my furniture once a week in my house. Maybe dark colored fabrics take too much dye? Anyway, can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I love FABRIC WEEK!


  2. Anyone know when Bluefly is doing their next sweepstakes? I see that LuxCouture has a sweepstakes for a Giorgio Brato handbag at http://www.luxcouture.com/sweepstakes/Any other good sweepstakes out there? It helps with the holiday shopping list, so figured Id start some postings on it so we can share info (sure were competing against each other but hey, we all improve chances of winning something when we know about them).


  3. What fun! These prints were just about as rousing as my morning coffee. FWIW, I’d be happy to see fabric samples just about anytime.


  4. I went to have a peek at their website and spent so much time there I almost forgot what I was originally going to add, here.Thanks SO MUCH for posting this! One of my dreams is to live with absolutely everything, interact with absolutely everything, see and feel and smell and touch and taste everything only “green”. So this fabric is really exciting. And so beautiful …I shall envision it while sipping my organic, fairly-traded coffee this morning!And then I’ll get into my gasonline-powered car and drive 125 km / 80 miles to Toronto to do stuff today. Because it’s hard getting there.Harmony Art’s contribution will help with the getting there.(By the way, I’m all for FABRIC WEEK!)


  5. Ooooh, that purple fabric is screaming 1930s at me again. And it’s okay if you’re not crazy about purple Erin (as if you were worried): I’ll snap up all the purple you don’t use.


  6. I don’t tend to like purple either but the modern subtlety of both of those prints is so so tempting. Very pretty finds.


  7. Hi! Thanks for the post! I am the designer (Harmony) and I wanted to let you know that the scale of the flower in Uncomplicated is approx. 8″ and the purple poppies are between 2″ and 4″. Uncomplicated has been printed and we are just waiting for it to be shipped to the distributors. If anyone is interested in being on my email announcement list so that you are notified when new prints are released just shoot me an email (info@harmonyart.com). As far as colors go…I am hoping to eventually be able to offer all of our patterns in various color-ways. The purple poppy I have recolored in a rust and aqua color that I really like…so stay tuned. BIG Gratitude!!! – harmony


  8. I will be thumb-wrestling Gidget Bananas for the purple. I love purple! Purple, plum, amethyst, eggplant, violet, lavender -yay! I love it enough to consider it a “capsule” colour for me.I have at least 30 yards of a 60″ wide purple and beige to do something with; I’m still ruminating, as it’s a plaid – sort of. First of all, it’s a watered silk, and it’s shot through with metallic gold threads, and the plaid is overlaid with the moir patterning. I could, conceivably, make a ballgown for Moby Dick with what I have.But there’s room in my heart for Graceland.


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