Fabric Week Continues: FONT!

Michael Miller FONT

In addition to giant polka dots, I'm also (slightly) obsessed with alphabet-print fabrics. This is one of my favorites, from Michael Miller. I'm really tempted to buy some more of this (I already have a GIANT circle skirt made from this fabric) but I fear I would then gradually buy more and more until ultimately I would never wear anything but black and white letters.

What do folks think of a Duro made with the above as the body and this Alexander Henry fabric below as the banding?

Alexander Henry COUNTDOWN

I'd be worried that I'd have to redraft the bands to make them exactly as wide as the numbers, but it might be worth it …

Click on the images to buy yardage from the eBay seller, Fabric Connection. (If you want more than one yard read her description for instructions as to how to go about it.)


0 thoughts on “Fabric Week Continues: FONT!

  1. Don’t forget to add red piping for the black, white and red all over pun! Or perhaps a bright under skirt that peeks out… I love fabric week! I just found out about Harmony Art two days ago and here is it! My yardage is on order and I will report back on how luscious it is when I get my hands on it.


  2. Wow, letters and numbers all in one dress? I don’t know if my eyes could handle it! I love the red piping idea that becky o had though!


  3. I *love* the idea of a ‘black, white and red all over’ dress. Thanks for posting this fabric. There may be an alphabet circle skirt in my future.


  4. That material is absolutely glorious! Yes to an alphabetical duro dress! Yes to numerical banding! And definitely yes to red piping. I can’t wait to see this if you make it.


  5. My eyes are smarting at the very thought of these two fabrics together. You got you some bold! (I like the suggestions of plain red contrast, personally.) I have a great dress with the skirt made from a HUGE Aubrey Beardsley black and white print, with a plain black bodice and that is about as bold as I ever want to get. But you go girl: sock it to us!


  6. I think this would be fabulous on the Butterick retro wrap pattern that was discussed some weeks ago. This for the front panel, and a BW glen plaid or houndstooth check for the wrap-around panel.


  7. Yes to the Duro, no to the number contrast band. It would simply be busy and distracting (even with red piping), NOT fabulous. Try a solid contrast band. If you absolutely MUST go with a print contrast, use a tiny little print… houndstooth, or something.


  8. YAY!!!! I love fabric, am a confirmed, card-carrying, fab-ric-a-holic. It’s even genetic in my case, I actually inherited a bunch of fabric from my grandmother! If you are going to make a dress you ought to make the bands from a different fabric. It might be over kill to make it from the same kind of fabric.


  9. How freaking glorious is that?? Love. I love those fabrics.Instead of redrafting the midriff bands, what about adding a narrower band in black, red, olive, or orange, along the top and bottom of the row of numbers? (Clear as mud?)I certainly hope you make this dress. šŸ™‚


  10. That’s such great fabric, solid old Helvetica or Megaron or Triumverate (sp?). I’d love any garment done with a typeface pattern. I was a typographer/art director for years, and am in love with anything to do with letterforms. Years ago, when my then-husband and I were thinking about renovating our kitchen in a black and white theme, I found a Formica laminate (countertop) with reversed-out Courier gibberish all over it. I wish we’d gone through with it, even though Formica is considered naff these days. Last night, I saw the “Sex and the City” rerun that has Carrie in that Dior dress done in a newsprint fabric. C’etait mignon!


  11. I love type as texture designs, but except for the numbers, these aren’t very interesting fonts. They reminded me of a fabric design I did in a font that makes really lovely textures. I’m just about to post it at Clothesline CompositionsMina


  12. Um, do you have anything in a serif font? :)I like the idea of a Duro with two such prints, but I think I’d like better if one was white on black. Too bold for me to wear, but I love that someone’s up to it!


  13. you wouldn’t have to redraft the band entirely. not that you couldn’t do it. but if you added a solid black piece to the top and bottom of the band to make it big enough, that would be pretty cool. the numbers would really pop out.nance


  14. you don’t really have to redraft your band unless you want to. you could just add a solid black piece to the top and bottom of the numbers to make it big enough. that would make the numbers really pop out.read your blog almost every day. just love it!nance


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