Tie (or button) one on

Hollywood pattern

Nora sent me this pattern. I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it if someone hadn't sent it to me; I'm not a huge apron aficionado, and this is a little earlier, decade-wise, than the silhouette I'm usually hunting for.

However, after a in-depth study of the pattern illustration, I will admit to a strong desire to make this dress. In fact, I really, really want to make it in digital camouflage:

digital camo

Complete with white frilly apron, of course! Or maybe not. But definitely in camo. (I really enjoy making girly stuff out of camo. In fact, yesterday I wore my camo circle skirt — I usually wear it when I have to fly, because if they are going to make me participate in their security theater, then I want to look the part.)

However, this pattern's eBay auction will be over really fast (like, tomorrow) and I have about six dozen projects in the "urgent: sew me next!!!" pile, so I'm passing. If you buy it, and make it in camo, send me a picture, okay?

0 thoughts on “Tie (or button) one on

  1. Firstly, I find the idea of a skirt in camo for flying just delightful but secondly- that apron! I mean fab idea and when I bake I am very pro-apron but thsi design doesn’t cover much of the chest area which in my experince is where everything tends to end up! They must have been much more sophisticated cookers back in the day…


  2. Oh, how I love aprons and the cleverness of the different designs. I mean, really, check out the button. It t holds the apron on at the bodice front, but when there’s no apron, it simply looks like it was meant for holding the bodice front closed. How incredibly clever was that?! If I weren’t moving out of the country in a matter of weeks, I’d be all over this, but alas, I have not time left to sew new projects. I hope it goes to a worthy home. -t


  3. Great post, Erin! – pretty and fluffy on top and dark and edgy underneath. The camo would not only take the sweet edge off the dress, but would indirectly refer to its original war-era provenance. And maybe the scantness of the apron could be seen as a comment on “food insecurity.” (Maybe we need a return of rationing, as well as rationality.)But back to the dress: another option would be to make it all in black (with black broderie anglaise ruffles?), or possibly with a blood-red apron (to wear, symbolically, when it’s that time of the month? – since, as nanarama points out, the apron is too small and low to really be functional.) I think the winter weather has put me in an atypically goth mode. Or maybe it’s all the Gorey…or the security theater.


  4. I love this dress. My mom wore a similar dress when I was a little girl – a very long time ago. My mom wore an apron every time she cooked, or washed dishes, or cleaned — handy pockets for items she would need, etc. And, if someone came to the door, she whipped that apron off, and was ready for “company”.


  5. I love the fabric choices (camo or something “Goth-y”). The actual construction of the dress fascinates me. An 8 gore skirt, which gives you a wonderfully full skirt, but a sleek, smooth fit at the waist and over the hips. A crossed/wrap bodice with gathers under the bust. All attached to that delightful midriff waistband. For myself, Id prefer a set-in sleeve. All those seams in the skirt and gathers under the bust are design features make this pattern an excellent candidate for any alterations you might need to make this fit you EXACTLY.The illustration appears to indicate fairly crisp fabrics – cotton? – or perhaps the illustrations look crisp in order to reveal the design features – no way to tell from a drawing. A slinky rayon or satin (camo satin?) could be interesting.CMC


  6. “Security theater”..I love it…and hate it. Walking on those icky airport gate floors without shoes..bleah. But the dress is adorable. And the digital camo is fabulous. The idea of an all-black dress with white eyelet trim calls up a “French maid” image…hmmm…maybe fulfilling a fantasy while making a fashion statement? LOL…


  7. Hmm. I was just thinking that was a very interesting apron, because it covered only the parts that got messy on me when baking. Usually, after making bread or other baking, I have a whole band of goop at my waist and slightly below. Neat baker I am not (not by any stretch of the imagination!!), but my bodily baking mess (let’s not talk about my kitchen, which cannot be saved by an apron of any size) is usually contained from slightly above the waist to a several inches below my waist. It appears, then, that is apron manages to look dainty, and still actually be practical for me.But I’m not going to buy the pattern, just knock-off the idea.


  8. Erin,Love the idea of a camo circle skirt. Do you have camo style pockets on it or only inseam side pockets? I think this would be a good idea for a friend of mine who doesn’t think she looks good in skirts. Do you mind if I borrow the idea?Thanks


  9. If one must participate in security theater, one should at least be fabulously costumed.I have to point this out to my daughter. She is the camo queen.


  10. I thought I was the only one who did “girly stuff out of camo”! My first one was a copy of MM’s dress from “The Seven Year Itch”; the second was a full Victorian ball gown (WITH cargo pockets) and I convinced 9 other people to join me……)Love your blog!


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