Hats off to Pam

McCalls 1923

Pam sent this link to one of her hat patterns that's up now on eBay — I love this lampshade style, very cute!

She's also got a glove pattern up now that I'm terribly tempted by (but, sadly, it's not my size). For some reason I want to make brightly-colored ultrasuede gloves (as if I didn't have enough projects piled up — I'm like the Collyer brothers of projects at this point).

I haven't made very many hats; I made one from a modern Vogue pattern in chiffon, to wear to a wedding once, and I've embellished a few felt hats (and I'm very sad that Manny's Millinery Supply has either closed or moved; anyone have a good source for premade felt blanks?). I have been tempted by hat-making, certainly, but I've not yet reached the point where I need to invest in hat blocks. Yet. I'm sure that day will come!

0 thoughts on “Hats off to Pam

  1. I have several vintage (and one 80’s) glove patterns I could send to you – what size glove do you take? Mine are at least size 7…..more than happy to share.I tend to prefer vintage kid gloves to fabric anyway.


  2. Hats like those top two always remind me of the cellophane “poufs” that stores use to cover the ugly plastic pots of poinsettias, easter lilies, etc….


  3. Judith M Millinery (which was written up in your favorite magazine: Blueprint) has felt hoods for hat-making. I don’t have a URL handy at the moment though.


  4. Seems to me, in the latest issue of Threads December 2006/January 2007 Issue Number 128, one of the (current) patterns they reviewed was for gloves. The pattern tester made a pair of long leather gloves; the pattern got a good review; good instructions. Requires hand sewing. I don’t have the magazine with me right now, so I can’t provide more info. Perhaps someone else has this issue next to the computer and can look up the details?CMC


  5. Sewing hats is a blast, and Judith M. has fabuous patterns, including gloves at one time.http://www.judithm.com/Also check Leko’s site:http://www.hatsupply.com/Wooden blocks are lovely, but expensive. You can get non-wooden ones for about $20, or you can create free style, by blocking straw over bowls using clothes pins. The hat in my picture was made using a bowl from Ikea as the block.Notice how those vintage patterns almost always include a hat? How could we ignore such a huge fashion tip?


  6. Why, yes, I do have it “handy”!The review is for Pattern Studio, “Grande Finale GP534” in the Jan 2007 Threads.And she did find it easy to sew. (Patternstudio.com)Ultrasuede is less expensive than you might think and in the small amounts you would need for golves, downright economical. (you can wash it too.)I also like that bag pattern….


  7. Cute hats; I so wish I looked better in hats. But I adore the gloves. A couple of weeks ago I almost spend $50 on a pair of new opera-length kid gloves (on sale from $100!); they came in a lovely dark bottle-green and a nice deep raspberry. Pure indulgence, and I would almost never get to wear them. I’ll have to check out that Threads article. And here’s a fun quote from the Gulden & Brown vintage wedding website:”Remember, nothing is sexier than a woman in opera gloves and a fitted gown. Remain Composed and let the gloves do their work!”


  8. Yeeps! Just followed that Collyer Brothers link! Nothing like learning something new, even if it is CREEEEPY. Now I’m going to go throw something away….Thanks for being so erudite!


  9. I like the white hat. On the gloves Iam with Zoltar Panaflex. A few years ago in N.C. I lucked into a pair of pristine white kid gloves made in france. They go up to the elbow. I got them at an estate sale. I asked the woman how much do you want for these??? It was the end of the day on the last day of the sale. She said $2.50 I said I will take them. There is not a spot on them they fit perfectly. I have never enven worn them. I dont know what to wear them with or where to wear them. They are so pretty tho.


  10. OMG, anyone who can casually refer to the Collyer brothers is my kind of person! Hats off to you. My parent’s favorite lament when they’d gaze in dismay at our messy house on a weekend was “It looks like the Collyer brothers live here for Goodness Sake!” Signal for lots of forced labor on the part of my brothers and me, but still, pretty funny!And my Mom had one of those lampshade hats: very fetching!


  11. I had never heard of the Collyer brothers till I read about them here today. I went to Erin’s link & read all about them. I clicked on the picures. Holy mother of Gawd!!! I have never in my life seen anything like this. I gotta tell ya. My grandmother has kept the dirtiest house I have seen. I tell you what a pig sty. My dad is a fricken slob & a packrat drives my mother nuts. The Collyer brothers have it all over my family. Oy!!!I like to collect things Im a bit of a packrat. I can never tell my dh about these brothers. I would never hear the end of it!!! LOLI can here the comments and the remarks now. Like I said never hear the end of it.


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