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naturalizer handbag ride

I believe that in order to have any cred as a "fashion blogger" it is necessary to gush over hideously expensive designer handbags at regular intervals, up to and including daily, and I admit I have remiss in attending to this duty.

And even posting about this one probably won't help, because first, it's from Naturalizer, so it's not "designer" and second, it's $29 on sale. Yep, $29, marked down from $69. Plus, free shipping!

Now, I'm not clear on whether this bag is absolutely 100% leather. (I asked the customer service people, and they said "yes, it is leather" but it might be bonded leather. It doesn't feel vinyl-y, though.) However, it has the features I need, which including being large enough to double as a laptop bag, outside pockets for my Treo and iPod, and a zip that closes the entire bag at the top. (I hate putting my bag on the airport security belt and having everything spill out!)

I took the little leather strings off the metal loops (and might even change the loops) but otherwise I have left it unmodified. I may also superglue the snaps of the long strap shut, so that it won't come off inadvertently. (The long strap is removable in case you want to swap it with a shorter strap — why, I have no idea, but if you don't want a cross-body strap then you can have a shoulder one, which comes with.)

I only wish this bag came in dark green; I have decided that dark green is the ideal color for bags, as then it matches (if you are the sort that worries about such things) both black and brown. But for $29, I forgive it for not being dark green!

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  1. maybe even take the rings off completely?i have a briefcase type bag that had plastic clips-they always interested security at the airports a little too much-they would wand those clips every time-so i finally took them off-in the interest of time i believe in making that walk thru security as simple as possible-


  2. I can’t believe it dress a day lady! At first it felt nice to feel a kindred spirit who not only loves Liberty prints, but also peter pan and sailor collars. You made me feel not so bad about my compulsion to wear skirts and dresses, especially the ones with pockets. Now, to find out that you too love bottle green leather…this is getting spooky. Is it a clothing gene? I dream of finding the perfect pair of peep toe 40’s-ish heels in bottle green, but the heel has to be PERFECT. Blog on, DAD lady, blog on!


  3. anonymousI share your frustration of finding a dream shoe I have in mind. I see shoes that have certain elements that are just right, but never gathered together in one shoe.Perhaps someday soon we will be able to design our own online. (Maybe that already exists and I just haven’t found it yet.)This pair seems 40’s-ish to me, but without the peep-toe: Fornarina 5725 ParisienneAnd the heel on this one doesn’t look 40’s-ish to me: Steve Madden PawlaIf one could just add the peep-toe from the second pair on to the first pair…


  4. (I always, always read but seldom post)I have a color question…or really, a color musing, or even a color anxiety.You see, I always wear chocolate brown and black together. In fact, I probably wear chocolate brown and black three days a week. So when I hear that a black bag doesn’t go with brown, I start to hyperventilate in fear. Now, there are plenty of browns I wouldn’t wear with black, so maybe that’s it. But is chocolate brown hideous with black and I’ve been making people want to tear their eyes out? I’ve always assumed it looked dark and warm and interesting. And what about chocolate brown and various blues? I always feel uncertainty about this combination, but not enough to keep me from wearing it.


  5. Thank you SO MUCH for posting about this handbag. I’ve been looking for a new bag for months, too no avail, and driving shopping friends nuts with my requirements (outside pockets for electronics, enough room to fit at least one knitting project and to lug work folders home and back again, more visual interest that a boring rectangular briefcase). I too will be removing the ties and potentially the rings. I can’t wait for it to arrive!


  6. We have been told that brown and black don’t go together (same with navy and brown) but the Europeans have been putting them together for eons. And you’re right…chocolate brown is great with black and navy and other blues such as teal.


  7. The reason the strap is replaceable with a shorter one, is in case you’re 5’1″ (or shorter) and don’t want a bag hanging down to your ankles. Sounds like a great bag.


  8. Oh, I think chocolate brown and black look good, and also chocolate brown and blue. I just am fussier about black and other shades of brown ….


  9. Sometimes you will find the right leather shoe or handbag on sale but in the wrong colour, than shoe paint is the solution to dye in your favourite colour. But you need to be aware that the new colour dye must be a darker shade one than the original. I have dyed handbags and shoes and the result is great.


  10. Y’know, quite a number of animals come in the brown-and-black combination, and nobody disparages *them* as having poor taste.


  11. Yes, I agree too that chocolate brown and black are fine together. And chocolate and many different blues & blue-greens & greens. Does anybody besides me adore plum-color with bitter chocolate?Right now I have a beige & dark chocolate traditional look batik fabric for a long skirt, and I’m looking for the perfect lining/reverse fabric. It might end up with a brown or beige linen, but a brown & blue or plum & brown batik are looking tempting.


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